Tragic death of Chilean actor after meeting with Tinder women

Tragic death of Chilean actor after meeting with Tinder women
Tragic death of Chilean actor after meeting with Tinder women

On Friday, June 7, actor Chilean Alex Araya Castillo was found dead in an apartment he had rented to spend a few days of vacation in Medellin Colombia.

Eduardo, his brother, has deployed a series of research which led him to recognize two possible suspects. They are two alleged women suspicious.

According to media of his country, the actor42 years old, had begun his vacation on June 1 and planned to stay until the 11th of the same month.

During his stay, Araya decided to meet people through the popular application dating Tindergetting to talk with at least two young people from the same city.

He specified two meetingsaccording to his brother, on Monday the 3rd and Thursday the 6th, the latter being the one that has focused the attention of the investigation carried out by the Colombian Prosecutor’s Office.

It was after that appointment that Álex arrived with two women to the place where he was staying, around 11:30 p.m. According to cameras reviewed by those close to them, the record of their entry to the place is the last sighting with life. His companions left the site around 1:30 in the morning.

  • “They took their cardswe saw that they made trips through the account Uber from my brother and so we realized that there are more people involved, that they were part of a group that is dedicated to doing these things. They also took his phone, made purchases with his cards at gas stations, supermarkets, in a jewelry store and they also made money orders,” said Eduardo Araya.

The speculations of the brother suggest that the women drugged the victim with burundanga to obtain information about your cards and other data.

The cause of death remains under study, although it is striking that Álex’s body was found in a similar way to that of others tourists deceased in the city.

“They left him naked on the bed, face down. She showed no signs of violence by third parties, but there is little clarity about what happened,” shared Eduardo.

  • Despite this, considering the background collected from Tinder, Uberavailable videos and bank records, Eduardo points out as the main suspicious to the women who entered the apartment that day, ensuring that they do not operate alone and are part of an organized gang dedicated to capturing tourists.

Family believes he was drugged with burundanga:

He family circle Alex believes the women are part of a criminal gang that is dedicated to deceiving tourists with this modus operandi.

This thesis is based on the fact that there would be more victims with similar characteristics. in the zone.

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He also believes that the actor was druggedpossibly with burundanga.

At this time, the cause of death is unknown. from Chilean and arrangements are being made with the consulate for the transfer of his body to the country.

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