Ushuaia with serious problems in the supply of gas, electricity and water.

Ushuaia with serious problems in the supply of gas, electricity and water.
Ushuaia with serious problems in the supply of gas, electricity and water.

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Monday 06/24/2024

Armando Cabral

Ushuaia 06/24/2024.- June 24, 2024 – We inform the users of the city of Ushuaia that although the Water Treatment Plants are operating above their normal production, the inclement weather of this winter in particular, added to the high The increase in registered consumption and the high number of breaks that occur in the city due to the freezing of the land, have been generating losses in the levels of the cisterns and difficulty in recovering them, which has resulted in the normal functioning of the tank being affected. service in some sectors of the city.

Since the beginning of this situation, personnel have dedicated themselves to carrying out different works in the plants and tanks, as well as in the distribution networks, to compensate for consumption and respond to the high demand, and carrying out different tasks and monitoring that contribute to restoring the normal provision of supply.

This imbalance in the system forces us to restrict service intermittently in different areas of the city.

For today, Monday, the service will be affected from 2:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. approximately in the following neighborhoods:

Central part of the city and in the neighborhoods Martín Güemes, Los Canelos, Chacho Peñaloza, Provincias Unidas, April 2, Los Pinos, José Hernández, Las Lengas, Piedrabuena, La Antena, Intevu 13 and 14, Almirante Storni, Almirante Brown, Bella Vista, Alakalufes, Los Andes, Latin American, La Cumbre, Kaupen, Le Martial, Las Terrazas, Bosque del Faldeo, Ecological, Le Martial, Los Calafates, Los Alerces, Itulara, Akawaia, 245 Homes, upper area of ​​Magallanes (from Laserre to Don Bosco), Sanitary Works, La Cumbre, La Colina, Perón, Towora and surrounding areas.

Finally, we ask those who do not have problems in the provision of drinking water to be measured in their consumption to collaborate in the face of this difficulty.

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