Biden locks himself up for a week to prepare for the debate and Trump responds with a sharp mockery

Biden locks himself up for a week to prepare for the debate and Trump responds with a sharp mockery
Biden locks himself up for a week to prepare for the debate and Trump responds with a sharp mockery


WASHINGTON.- A week of retreat at Camp David. That is the time that Joe Biden and his main advisors will dedicate him at the official rest residence of the North American leaders to preparation for the crucial presidential debate with donald trumpthis Thursday, at the CNN studios in Atlanta, the first face to face between the two since the last time they debated, four years ago, in the last presidential campaign.

Biden arrived at Camp David last Thursday, and since then he has been locked up with more than a dozen collaborators, without an agenda, getting ready for the duel with Trump, in which he aspires to make a difference and gain an advantage that will allow him to calmly navigate the campaign until the presidential elections in November. Biden and Trump appear tied in the polls and forecasts predict a vote-by-vote fight for the White House, in an election widely seen as the most important of the modern era, in which both sides say that North American democracy – the oldest on the planet – is at stake.

More inclined to trust their instincts and less fond of preparations, Trump decided to avoid training sessions, had some policy discussions with advisors, experts and allies, and stuck to his campaign agenda. Over the weekend, at a campaign event in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, he unloaded ammunition against Biden, mocking that he locked himself in to sleep and later stating that Biden will go to the debate “doped.”

U.S. President Joe Biden speaks during a ceremony for the 12th anniversary of the DACA program, at the White House in Washington, Tuesday, June 18, 2024. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)Evan Vucci – AP

“There are reports that at this time, Corrupt Joe has gone to a wooden cabin to study and prepare. No, he didn’t. “He is sleeping now because they want him to be healthy and strong,” Trump said at his campaign event. “Then,” he continued, “a little before the debate, they give him an injection in the ass. They want to strengthen him so that he comes out…, he is going to come out, OK, I say that he is going to come out doped, very doped.”

Knowing everything that is at stake on Thursday – it is the first time that voters will see Biden and Trump face to face –, Biden’s team decided to polish every detail, leaving nothing to chance, as established by the traditional protocol of presidential campaigns. Biden, his team, his advisors, and also some of his officials, such as the head of the National Security Council, Jake Sullivan, locked themselves away to define their talking pointshis main arguments, discuss the strategy and responses to Trump’s very probable attacks, and also to sharpen Biden for a duel where the eyes will be much more on him than on Trump. The objective: to mark a clear contrast, and to give Biden an advantage before the party conventions.

“On Thursday, the American people will see two distinct visions for the future on stage in Atlanta: President Biden’s vision, where freedoms are protected and all Americans have a fair chance, and Donald Trump’s dark ‘vision,’ “He will be a dictator from day one, he will give tax cuts to the ultra-rich at the expense of the middle class and he will take away women’s rights,” wrote Biden campaign communications director Michael Tyler in a strategy memo released on weekend.

Former President Donald Trump during a campaign event, Tuesday, June 18, 2024, in Racine, Wisconsin. (AP Photo/Jeffrey Phelps)Jeffrey Phelps – FR59249 AP

Tyler also announced that the Biden campaign has expanded its advertising campaign to reinforce that contrast and mark “the option” that people will see between Biden and Trump, “who will take the stage as a convicted criminal fighting for himself no matter how much damage.” inflict on the American people,” he said. Tyler indicated that this effort will continue with digital and television ads to directly convey to voters the ruling party’s message on the issues that, in the opinion of the Biden team, will define the elections, such as abortion. And Biden’s team announced plans to launch more than 300 debate viewing parties and about 1,600 events in swing states, such as debate site Georgia, ahead of the candidates’ duel.

With that strategy, Biden and his team hope to be able to capitalize on the crossing to break the virtual tie that the polls show. The RealClearPolitics polling average gives Trump 46.1% support to Biden’s 45.2%, while the 538 average has Biden ahead by less than a point: 41% to 40.6 percent. The forecast of 538 is a reflection of that parity: in 100 simulations of the election, the model shows Trump as the winner 50 times, and Biden 49 times.

Biden’s team believes that this parity is due, in part, to the fact that a portion of the electorate is still not fully connected to the campaign and the election, not to a deficit of their candidate, and once people tune in and be more aware about what the options are for the next four years in the White House, Biden will begin to gain support.

That is one of the main reasons why Biden and his advisors opted to advance the presidential debates to the summer, which traditionally take place in the last stretch of the campaign, already in the fall. It is a risky bet that could go against Biden if Trump ends up tipping the balance in his favor. But even if that scenario occurs, the change in calendar will leave Biden and his team with more time to attempt a comeback.

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