López Obrador, on the United States: “They are very bad at sticking their noses into other places”

López Obrador, on the United States: “They are very bad at sticking their noses into other places”
López Obrador, on the United States: “They are very bad at sticking their noses into other places”

Andrés Manuel López Obrador has taken advantage of the criticism of the reform of the Judiciary by the former Secretary of State of the United States during Donald Trump’s term, Mike Pompeo, to attack the neighboring country. “They are very bad at sticking their noses in other places,” the president said this Monday in his morning conference on American foreign policy. The Republican wrote last Friday in an opinion column published in the The Wall Street Journal that the judicial reform in Mexico will “probably” start a trade war between both countries and that it will benefit the cartels.

López Obrador has expressed that Pompeo’s point of view is marked by the electoral campaign in the United States, which will culminate with the presidential elections next November. “There are mutual accusations, everyone has an opinion. The day after tomorrow there will be a debate between President Biden and former President Trump, don’t miss it. This is how it is in the United States, in Mexico and in all countries. Every time there are elections, passions overflow,” the president said.

The clarification of what is happening in the electoral process of the neighboring country has become an open reproach to US foreign policy. “They are very bad at sticking their noses into other places. It doesn’t affect anything [la reforma judicial], they are pure inventions. It is that they remained anchored in the era of Monroe Doctrine. From America for the Americans, understanding that America is nothing more than them. There is a very interventionist current,” the president attacked.

Pompeo, who was foreign secretary during the last three years of Republican Donald Trump’s mandate (2016-2020), published an opinion column last Friday titled López Obrador’s radical legacy in Mexico. In it he attacked the measure with which the Mexican president intends for ministers, judges and magistrates to be elected by popular vote. “The constitutional and political changes expected in Mexico will alter the bilateral relationship with the United States, cause chaos on the border and likely start a trade war. The result will be economic stagnation in Mexico. Only the cartels that introduce poison into both nations will benefit,” the Republican wrote.

The criticisms of the former head of US foreign relations have been responded to by López Obrador, who has openly criticized the handling of the fentanyl crisis by the United States. “We are different and we help them a lot because we prevent drug trafficking. In fact, they have a lot of consumption. It is one of the countries that consumes the most drugs in the world. And instead of addressing the causes, they want to solve the problem only by facing the effects,” said the Mexican president.

López Obrador has ended with a comparison between the education models that he and the former US secretary received. “That’s why Pompeo thinks. “It is not a personal matter, Pompeo simply studied in a school where training has to do with seeking to resolve everything with the use of force and I studied in a school where they taught me that human beings are not bad,” said the president.

Relations between Mexico and the United States have been strained on several fronts in recent weeks. Seven days ago, the Biden Government banned the export of Mexican avocados after an attack on two US agricultural inspectors in Michoacán. López Obrador has stated that the measure was too harsh and he hopes to resolve the blockade this Monday, as he explained in his morning conference. Both countries have also discussed the executive order launched by the United States Administration to close the border after exceeding 2,500 arrests a day.

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