Dog who had been declared dead after a car bomb explosion in Nariño returned to her home

Dog who had been declared dead after a car bomb explosion in Nariño returned to her home
Dog who had been declared dead after a car bomb explosion in Nariño returned to her home

Although scared and with multiple injuries, the dog showed up at the station where she was adopted months ago – credit Plataforma Alto

Along with the three fatal victims of the car bomb attack in the town of Remolino, municipality of Taminango (Nariño), there were three other lives lost: those of Coraje, Choco and Paloma, three dogs that were found at the local police station by a temporary home until, last Friday, June 21, an explosion left it in precarious conditions.

Vehicles, buildings and even people suffered considerable damage, but Courage, Choco and Paloma seemed to get the worst of it, along with the other three victims who have been declared dead after the terrorist attack..

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Nariño Government rejected the attack in Taminango – credit @LuisAlfonsoEsc/X

However, what at first glance seemed like a miracle occurred on Sunday when Paloma, although badly injured and scared, arrived at the police station and responded to the call of one of the officers.

“When the uniformed members of the Special Operations Group were on duty outside the El Remolino Police substation, a dog with characteristics similar to Paloma arrived at the scene. However, she was dirty and fearful, which made it doubtful that she was the same dog that lived with the other two canines that died (Courage and Choco). Seeing that the dog was trying to enter the facilities, one of the uniformed officers called her and she responded by wagging her tail and approaching them.“, detailed the Nariño Departmental Police.

This is how Paloma was transferred to Pasto, where she receives medical-veterinary care from the Police to complete her recovery and determine if she suffered damage after the explosion that could compromise her health in the future.

On June 21, 2024, an attack at the Police substation in the town of Remolino, in the municipality of Taminango (Nariño), left three dead and at least 13 injured. The attack, which involved the detonation of a vehicle loaded with explosives, also caused significant damage to the surrounding area. According to the authorities, The Franco Benavides front of the Central General Staff (EMC) of the FARC dissidents is responsible for the attack.

The deputy director general of the National Police, Brigadier General Nicolás Alejandro Zapata Restrepo, reported that a reward of up to $50 million has been established for information that helps identify and capture those responsible for the attack.

The incident left nine people injured and three dead – social media credit

The lines enabled to provide information are 314-587212, 3202975295 and 3202929924, in addition to the email [email protected]. The authorities guarantee the confidentiality of the data provided.

Nicolás Alejandro Zapata Restrepo also remembered the recompensation of $500 million for Néstor Gregorio Vera Fernández, alias Iván Mordisco, leader of the EMC of the FARC dissidents. Although his position has been located, the bilateral ceasefire prevents his capture. “The Special Forces have located Mordisco, they have had him in their sights at a distance of 160 meters, but they cannot act,” intelligence sources informed Time.

Meanwhile, the Government of the department of Nariño expressed its rejection of the attack and expressed its solidarity with the affected families. In a statement, the entity highlighted the efforts to achieve peace in the department and asked President Gustavo Petro Urrego and the national government to prioritize the signing of the Pact for Territorial Transformation, Life and Peace.

The National Police established a reward of up to $50 million for those who provide information about those responsible for the attack registered in Taminango – credit National Police

The attack occurred near the Puerto Remolino Police substation, at 6:40 am. The nearby vehicles suffered damage, with broken windows and perforated cans. The three fatal victims were a merchant, a man and a young man who was doing his military service.

Since then, authorities have intensified investigations and sent police reinforcements to the area. In the departmental security council, mechanisms were discussed to improve public security and address the current order situation.

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