A Chilean actor was found dead in Medellín after a date with two women he made on Tinder

A Chilean actor was found dead in Medellín after a date with two women he made on Tinder
A Chilean actor was found dead in Medellín after a date with two women he made on Tinder

Although Araya’s body showed no signs of violence, the family claims that he was drugged.

(From Santiago, Chile) Heartbroken and on embers the family of the Chilean actor is Alex Araya Castillowho died last June 6th in a confusing incident in Colombia after arranging a date with two women via dating app Tinder.

The body of Araya, 42, was found naked and face down in a bed in an Arbnb in Medellin and as recorded in the security cameras of the premises – to which the family had access -, the victim arrived accompanied by both women shortly before the midnight. Two hours later it is possible to see the companions leaving the place completely alone.

For now, the Colombian justice system continues with the investigations aimed at clarifying the identity of both suspects, but Araya’s family assures that he would have been drugged with burundanga – or some similar drug -, and then steal all his valuables and extract money from him. passwords to your credit cards.

Eduardobrother of the victim, told La Tercera that “we saw that they made trips through my brother’s Uber account and that’s how we realized that there are more people involved, that they were part of a group that is dedicated to doing these things. They also took her phone, made purchases with her cards at gas stations, supermarkets, at a jewelry store, and they also made money orders,” she said.

Although Araya’s body there were no signs of violence attributable to third parties, the cause of his death is still a matter of study. “The truth is that there is very little clarity about what happened,” lamented Eduardo, who however said he was sure that both women did not operate alone and belong to an organization dedicated to this type of crimes.

Although the Foreign Ministry reported that the Chilean Consulate in Colombia has provided all the help required, Eduardo assured that they they found out through the press of Álex’s death and accused that “there is a lot disconnection between the consulate and the State of Colombia. We don’t know why, but maybe it’s because they don’t want to share information that affects their tourism.”

The repatriation of Álex’s body was expected this Monday or Tuesday and the family said they hope that the investigation will progress quickly. “We have sent a series of documents so that the transfer can be made. I try to put pressure on Consulate, ask them questions to find out the progress of the investigation, but they have been super hermetic, They haven’t given us much information. But we are not resigned, we have relied on friends and family,” he concluded.

In parallel, the Investigative Police (PDI) reported that “our police attaché “In Colombia it is in constant coordination and communication with the Colombian police.”

His body will be repatriated this Monday or Tuesday.
His body will be repatriated this Monday or Tuesday.

Originally from Antofagasta, Álex Castillo worked as a lighting technician at the well-known Gabriela Mistral Cultural Center, in Santiago. It was defined as “theatrical actor and technician” on their social networks and was also part of a podcast called Poder Hormiga. She studied a year of Civil Engineering at the Universidad Católica del Norte between 2002 and 2003 and later in 2004 she began to study Theater at the Universidad del Desarrollo.

Between 2006 and 2014 he studied acting at DuocUC, subsequently dedicating himself to that art. According to the site La Hora, those close to him claim that he was a man sportsman, cheerful, with knowledge in martial arts, singing, juggling, keyboard and guitar.

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