NASA plans the launch of the GOES-U meteorological satellite on Tuesday

NASA plans the launch of the GOES-U meteorological satellite on Tuesday
NASA plans the launch of the GOES-U meteorological satellite on Tuesday

Miami, June 24 (EFE).- NASA has scheduled for this Tuesday the launch of the high-definition environmental satellite GOES-U, which will allow the earliest detection of storms and allow meteorologists to warn the population of threats sooner. imminent natural disasters.

A SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket hopes to take off from Cape Canaveral, in central Florida, with GOES-U at its apex, starting at 5:16 p.m. local time (9:16 p.m. GMT), with a launch window of two hours.

However, Monday’s forecasts indicate that there is only a 30% chance of favorable weather conditions.

The GOES-U satellite is the latest addition to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) GOES-R series of geostationary satellites.

It will be the last of the GOES, as a new generation of weather satellites is on the horizon.

These satellites provide advanced imagery, real-time mapping of lightning activity, and tracking and monitoring of weather conditions.

GOES-U has high-tech tools, such as the Advanced Baseline Imager, which will be used to obtain images of the oceans, climate and other indicators of the Earth’s environment.

It is also equipped with a new sensor called Compact Chronograph, which will help detect solar activity and its eruptions more quickly.

The GOES satellite series began with GOES-A in 1975, and the most recent was launched in 2022, GOES-T.

The launch of this latest meteorological satellite occurs when the hurricane season has just begun in the Atlantic basin, which began on June 1 and is expected to be significantly more active than normal this year, as announced by NOAA at the end of May.

Forecasts indicate that this year there will be between 8 and 13 hurricanes, of which 7 may be larger, with winds exceeding 178 kilometers per hour. EFE



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