Stopping the rise in gas: the Federal Justice ruled in favor of the Province and the increases are suspended

Stopping the rise in gas: the Federal Justice ruled in favor of the Province and the increases are suspended
Stopping the rise in gas: the Federal Justice ruled in favor of the Province and the increases are suspended

After the collective protection presented by the Government of Tierra del Fuego, Federal Judge Mariel Borruto issued the precautionary measure that suspends rate increases for the Province for a period of three months. The ruling by Judge Martiel Borruto dismissed for the moment the request to return to users the amounts already paid for the increases in rates already charged in the months of April and May.

The ruling that was announced this morning orders “suspend the effects of resolution 41/2024 of the Ministry of Energy of the Nation -National State- and resolution 122/2024 issued by the National Gas Regulatory Entity (ENARGAS), and inform the aforementioned entities that they must refrain from applying the new tariff tables stipulated there to all users and consumers of the public gas service. gas through networks of the “Tierra del Fuego” tariff subzone”.

In addition, it informs the distribution company Camuzzi Gas del Sur that “it must refrain from requiring and/or pursuing the collection of any sum of money and/or proceed to cut off or suspend the supply of gas service due to non-payment of billing.” issued from the application of the tariff tables ordered by resolutions No. 41/2024 and 122/2024 in relation to users and consumers of the public gas service through networks of the “Tierra del Fuego” tariff subzone.

The same judicial resolution rejects the Province’s request for Camuzzi to proceed with the refund and/or compensation to users and consumers of the rates already paid in April and May with increases. In this section, Judge Borruto argues that “the request for reimbursement of sums of money charged to users and consumers for the billing affected by the Resolutions that are challenged cannot be treated at this procedural stage. This is so, because The Court has not yet expressed itself definitively on the challenged regulations, but only a precautionary suspension has been granted. and consequently provisional, of the contested rate readjustments”.

Among the arguments, the ruling considers that “given the extreme cold temperatures typical of this island area of ​​our Republic during the winter period, the lack of access to gas service through networks poses serious risks of damage that is impossible to repair later.”

Adempas considers that “the situation of economic crisis that the province of Tierra del Fuego is going through, narrated in the ruling of 05/28/2024, persists and deepens. Job sources are reduced, the industry is paralyzed, and incomes are decreasing.”

Given this crisis situation, added to the fact of the extreme cold temperatures that plague this province, the application of the contested regulations to the users and consumers of the gas service through networks clearly implies the imperative and urgent need for the issuance of the measure. requested precautionary measureadd the document.

The Federal Court based in Río Grande had announced at the end of May a first decision, in relation to the collective protection appeal presented by Governor Gustavo Melella against the increase in the price of the network gas consumed by the Fuegian people. At that time, Judge Borruto prohibited Camuzzi from cutting off the service to those who did not pay the bills, a resolution that was renewed in the new ruling released today.

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