Donald Trump and Fidel Castro, protagonists of a controversial billboard in Miami

Donald Trump and Fidel Castro, protagonists of a controversial billboard in Miami
Donald Trump and Fidel Castro, protagonists of a controversial billboard in Miami


The Miami political atmosphere has become a visual battlefield in the run-up to the american elections that will take place on November 5, 2024. Citizens and business leaders polarize the campaign, anticipating a possible confrontation between the presidential candidates Joe Biden and Donald Trump. Recently, a billboard appeared comparing the leader of the Republican Party to Fidel Castro and the image went viral on the networks.

The conflict began with the appearance of a poster that showed the image of the Cuban reference used as anti negative publicity tool Donald Trump. This first sign said “No to dictators” and generated a strong controversy, so it had to be removed from the highway Palmetto Expressway. However, its creator, identified as Claude Taylor, he did not give up and reassembled it in miniature to decorate a traveling cart that circulates through emblematic places such as the restaurant Versailles and Little Havana.

Many X users who live in Miami published the image of the poster in surpriseX @LuisDelSol10

Quickly, some residents of the area used their X accounts to criticize the appearance of the billboard. “What an insult to the millions of Cubans, Venezuelans, Nicaraguans, who live in Miami and who They have fled real dictatorships. You may not like Trump, but he is not a dictator. I predict this will backfire in the Miami community,” one woman wrote.

“Comparing Trump to Fidel is the most ridiculous and absurd thing I have ever seen. “To say that Trump is a Dictator is laughable,” another man added. Taylor, for his part, defended the right to freedom of expression and assured that he believes in the effectiveness of his visual campaign. “The goal is not only to attract attention, but also generate reflection on the policies and actions of the candidates,” he claimed. “It is part of the democratic debate that characterizes our society,” she concluded.

A poster that compares Trump to Fidel Castro appeared in MiamiX @UHN_Plus

Claude Taylor’s anti-Trump campaign sparks talk on social mediaX @TrueFactsStated

The dispute has highlighted political and cultural divisions within Miami, a city known for its cultural diversity, its large number of Latino migrants and its political fervor. Citizens are divided between those who see posters as a legitimate way to express opinions and those who consider that the line of what is respectful and constructive was crossed in the public debate.

But the response went beyond X and the creation of a new poster was immediate. José Alberto García, owner of American Tile & Groutorganized a fundraising campaign on social networks to counteract the impact of the initial billboard. “Each image costs $4,000, and we decided to do a GoFundMe to finance our response,” she explained. “Donations ranged from $5 to $500, demonstrating the support of the community,” he added.

You can have opinions against trumpbut comparing him to a tyrant who has caused so much suffering is provocative and excessive,” García said and concluded: “We are not going to fall into violent confrontations. “We will respond with our initiatives and our messages of freedom.” His poster bears the slogan ““No to socialism, Yes to Trump” and you can see the image of the Republican Party electoral candidate.

The response to the billboard that compares Trump to Fidel CastroX @

In the midst of criticism and conflicting passions, Both financiers intervened in the electoral contest that continues to warm up its engines. In the months remaining until the elections, it is expected that there will be new strategies and that visual tactics will continue to mark the political landscape, both in Miami and in other cities in the state of Florida.


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