If Borruto’s ruling is final, gas will not be able to be increased for three months

If Borruto’s ruling is final, gas will not be able to be increased for three months
If Borruto’s ruling is final, gas will not be able to be increased for three months

06/24/2024. The Secretary of the Federal Court of Río Grande, Dr. Juan Vicente, explained that the ruling of Federal Judge Mariel Borruto still has an appeal before the Court of Appeals of Comodoro Rivadavia.

RIO GRANDE.- Dr. Juan Vicente, Secretary of the Federal Court of Río Grande, was consulted by ‘The Morning of Tecno’, which is broadcast on Radio Universidad 93.5 MHz, about the ruling of Dr. María Borruto, Federal Judge based in Río Grande who gave rise to collective protection against the natural gas tariff.

“We must keep in mind that we are in a precautionary stage that is intended to be all the measures that are adopted in order to ensure that when a definitive measure is taken it can cause its effects. Now we are still in a precautionary stage because the judge has decided for the moment, in response to the proposal made by the Government of the province on behalf of the users of Tierra del Fuego, to suspend the effects of the resolutions that gave rise to the modification of the table April tariff, which was as a result of which all these increases in recent weeks were verified, this of course will last until the judge can make a substantive decision regarding whether or not the application of those resolutions is appropriate ” .

Asked if the parties can appeal the ruling before the Comodoro Rivadavia Court, Dr. Vicente observed that “that depends on the will of the parties who are the ones who appear in court and have the possibility in any case to appeal the decision and If so, you will have to go to the Comodoro Rivadavia Court of Appeals to analyze what the Judge has decided on this occasion.”

At this point he explained that the parties “have the deadlines that the Civil Code establishes for appeals, so in the coming days we will know whether or not the parties have appealed the resolution.”

Asked if if the parties do not appeal the sentence would remain final, the Secretary of the Federal Court explained that “if there were no appeal from the parties, this measure would remain final for the next three months, which is what the Judge has ordered and that “It is the deadline to resolve the substance of the issue.”

Dr. Juan Vicente recalled that “the underlying request, which is what needs to be resolved, was the proposal made by the province and is linked to completely nullifying those resolutions they made in modifying the tariff schedule and that is what was will have to analyze soon. What the Judge has done at the moment is that she has verified the elements of a precautionary measure, which is the plausibility in law in the proposal that the province has made about the danger in the delay, that is, if it is during normal times of a process of knowledge of a civil lawsuit, damage could be caused to users with these increases because they could lead to supply cuts and effectively the loss of service, then until the Judge can have all the elements to resolve, he has ordered that these be suspended. increases for this three-month period.”

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