He suffers from a disease that has no cure: VIDEO

Edwin Luna confessed that at 36 years old and in full success in his musical career, he suffers from an incurable disease and must be a slave to lifelong treatment.

The singer explained that it was as a result of a cosmetic surgery that was performed to lower his body fat index, that he was diagnosed with the condition that forced him to make drastic changes in his life.

“The only time I had an operation was to remove a little fat from the sides, after a month it was the same, I spoke to the doctor and he told me that I didn’t take care of myself, after a year I was more swollen and I was on a diet, I go to a reality to Colombia and they ask us to do a study, my doctor reviews the study and tells me ‘you are wrong’“, revealed the interpreter during an episode of the podscat “Líderes gruperos”.

Edwin revealed that as a result of these studies he was diagnosed with hypothyroidism, a disease that is controllable, but has no cure.

The vocalist of “La Trakalosa de Monterrey” explained what some changes he has had to make in his life.

“Take care of your diet. I don’t eat red meat, sausages, yes he took them away from me. Dairy 0, I removed many things. “I lost about 20 kilos.”said.

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