The broken friendship of Facundo González and Fabio Agostini

The broken friendship of Facundo González and Fabio Agostini
The broken friendship of Facundo González and Fabio Agostini

During the night of this Sunday, we were able to see the entry of Facundo Gonzalezone of the best friends of Fabio Agostinito “Win or Serve?”. A few minutes after meeting those who will be her confinement companions, she even starred several discussions with Luis Mateucciafter learning of the conflict that the Spaniard had with him during the days he was in the house.

But that happened months ago and today the reality is very different. The winner of “Tierra Brava” performed a live broadcast via TikTok with Austin Palaomaking it clear that the friendship with the Argentine is completely broken.

Facundo is no longer our friend. Don’t ask about Facundo, Facundo has already died“Agostini could be heard saying in a video that managed to capture this moment. “He’s no less a friend, bye, shit less; the shoe was a stone“he insisted.

When asked about the issue, Palao was much less severe than Fabio when it came to giving his opinion about Facundo. “The only thing I can say about it is that I was very surprised… Very surprised“, he assured. The Spaniard, meanwhile, noted that “well, (Austin) is saying it too, but with other words.”

What happened between Fabio and Facundo after “Win ​​or Serve?”

Although it has not yet been confirmed what happened between Facundo González and Fabio Agostini, everything indicates that it was due to the romance that the former has with Oriana Marzoli and that it was born, precisely, in “Win ​​or Serve?” This would have led to the trans-Andean is linked much more closely to Luis Mateucci, eternal rival of the former “Tierra Brava”.


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