Edwin Luna confesses that he suffers from an incurable disease

The well-known Monterrey singer Edwin Luna, leader of the band The Trakalosa of MonterreyIt has generated great stir on social networks after opening up to his fans about a delicate topic: his health.

In a recent podcast interview Group leadersLuna shared that have been diagnosed with hypothyroidisma condition that, although incurable, can be controlled with appropriate treatment.

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The vocalist, famous for hits like gold brooch and you knew how to hurt merevealed that he discovered his condition after undergo cosmetic surgery.

“The only time I had an operation was to remove a little fat from the sides, after a month it was the same, I spoke to the doctor and he told me that I didn’t take care of myself, after a year I was more swollen and I was on a diet, I’m going to a reality show to Colombia and they ask us to do a study, my doctor reviews the study and tells me ‘you’re wrong,'” Luna said.

The diagnosis was an unexpected blow for the singer, who initially sought to improve his physical appearance.

“They give you medication and tell you that it is to control, it is a controllable disease, it has no cure, I am going to take it for the rest of my life,” he confessed.

Edwin Luna’s new style

After being diagnosed, Luna’s doctor recommended consult an endocrinologistspecialist in glands and hormones, for properly manage your hypothyroidism.

“Positive hypothyroidism, go to an endocrinologist, which to date is (…) the thyroid is a gland that controls all the hormones in the body,” he explained.

Treatment for hypothyroidism has involved a radical change in your lifestyle, especially in their diet. Luna mentioned that she had to eliminate red meat, sausages, and dairy from your diet, among other foods. Despite the restrictions, he has managed to see positive results in his health and weight.

Amid his own health challenges, Edwin Luna He has been a pillar of support for his wife.the influencer Kimberly Flores, who recently He also had medical problems.

Flores worried her followers when she was emergency hospitalized due to severe abdominal pain. Edwin was the one who took her to the hospital, where she was diagnosed with gall stones after several tests.

“Look at the look on my face, they’re going to discharge me, thank God. “He came with a severe infection and when they did the tests, they realized that I had some stones in my gallbladder,” Flores explained in his Instagram stories, thus relieving his followers with the news of his recovery. he.


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