What is celebrated on June 24? Today is San Juan Day, Makeup Artist Day, International Paramedic Day and the Festival of the Sun

Today June 24is being celebrated: the St. John’s Dayhe Makeup Artist’s Dayhe International Paramedic Day and the Sun party.

And it is that he St. John’s Daythousands of people gather around a bonfire to celebrate this celebration that has been taking place for decades.

Also, the Makeup Artist Day is also this June 24where tribute is paid to those artistic professionals who help highlight the beauty of people.

Likewise, the International Paramedic Day is this June 24 where medical personnel whose objective is to safeguard the survival of patients is recognized.

And finally the Festival of the Sun is also celebrated today, June 24which is also known as Inti Raymi.

St. John’s Day is celebrated this June 24

As already revealed, this June 24th is celebrated St. John’s Daywhich is known as one of the most magical nights of the year.

However, this celebration is known to celebrate Saint John the Baptist in Catholic saints, which coincides 6 months after the birth of Jesus.

Saint John the Baptist is one of the most representative figures within the Church as he is not only a relative of Christ, but also the one who baptized Jesus.

Saint John’s Day It also has its origin in the pagan festivals of antiquity, where the arrival of the summer solstice was celebrated and the abundance of harvests was celebrated.

In these celebrations it was customary to make bonfires and perform rituals to give thanks and take advantage of the energy of the change of season.

However, with the adaptation of the Christian calendar, this pagan festival was modified and designated as the Saint John’s Day this June 24.

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Makeup Artist Day is celebrated every June 24

In addition to being Saint John’s Day, this June 24 is the Makeup Artist’s Day where this profession is recognized, which is so important in today’s world.

On Makeup Artist Day their art, their talent and the style they create to highlight beauty in people of any type are recognized.

Makeup Artist’s Day It is made in honor of the American makeup artist Bud Westmore who died on June 24, 1973 and had one of the most outstanding careers in the world of fashion.

It is known that he participated in more than 450 Hollywood films offering his services as a professional makeup artist.

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June 24 is International Paramedic Day

In addition to celebrating makeup artists on their day, this June 24 is also celebrated as International Paramedic Day. recognizing their humanitarian work.

Well, on June 24, International Paramedic Day, medical personnel who help patients provide first aid to safeguard their lives are recognized.

On International Paramedic Day, their work is recognized by saving lives and transferring people who are necessary to hospitals for greater attention to their illness.

International Paramedic Day It has its origins in the Battle of Solferino in 1859, when Henry Dunant, founder of the Red Cross, and volunteers helped save wounded soldiers.

Paramedics save kitten

Paramedics save kitten (@rbarriosfuentes / Twitter)

The Festival of the Sun is celebrated every June 24

Finally, this June 24th the Festival of the Sun takes place or Inti Raymi, whose origin dates back to the Andean countries.

The Festival of the Sun has its origin and coincides with the summer solstice and is held in gratitude to the Sun God known as Inti and to Mother Earth for the crops.

The Festival of the Sun also marks a new year in agricultural harvests and is celebrated by indigenous communities in South America such as:

  • Bolivia
  • Colombia
  • Chili
  • Ecuador
  • Peru
  • Northern Argentina
This June 21 is International Sun Day

Sun party
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