Accident on Av. Abancay: Preliminary arrest issued against driver who ran over six people

Accident on Av. Abancay: Preliminary arrest issued against driver who ran over six people
Accident on Av. Abancay: Preliminary arrest issued against driver who ran over six people

A security camera recorded the moment when six people were hit by a car on Abancay Avenue. Video: Channel N

The morning of Friday, June 21stin the Abancay Avenue with the crossing of the Nicolás de Piérola avenuein Cercado de Lima, a car ran over six pedestrians who were trying to cross the road.

According to security video from the area, the black vehicle left its lane and then hit a group of nine people who were in a prohibited area. In addition, it collided with other units that were traveling on the road.

After the accident, the driver, identified as Alarino Palma Valladares70 years old, was transferred to the Cotabambas police station, where he gave his statement of what happened. According to what was stated by atvthe driver would have confessed to the National Police of Peru (PNP) who was distracted by See your pet who was in the back seat.

However, the relative of one of the injured does not believe this version since at the aforementioned police station, the agents performed the breathalyzer test on the person under investigation until seven hours after the tragedy.

Driver who caused an accident on Abancay Avenue confesses that he was distracted by seeing his dog | atv

The Superior Court of Justice of Lima dictated seven days of preliminary detention for Alarino Gabriel Palma Valladaresdriver of the car that ran over six people on Abancay Avenue, in the Center of Lima.

According to what was reported Power of attorney Through his social networks, the driver is being investigated for the crime against life, body and health, in the form of serious injuries.

The preliminary detention measure will allow the Public ministry carry out the necessary steps to clarify the facts and determine the responsibility of the accused.

Furthermore, the importance of collect witness testimonies, analyze images from security cameras and carry out technical reports on the vehicle involved to obtain a complete view of the incident.

Publication of the Superior Court of Justice of Lima.

Among the injured is Juan Diego Conejo, 32 years old. He is a student of the Federico Villarreal National University (UNFV) in the race of Mechatronics Engineering, which is about to end.

However, his projects have been paralyzed since he suffered the accident. According to his family, he is the most affected of all those who suffered the impact of the vehicle driven by Palma Valladares.

After being transferred to a local clinic, a new problem arose. Treatment costs are extremely high and the family is facing difficulties in covering medical expenses.

“Currently, he has an intracranial trauma and is currently undergoing surgery. The clinic has asked us for about S/30 thousand as a fund so that he can undergo surgery. Only a part will be covered by SOAT, but the cost will increase more and more and will be unpayable,” he narrated.

The accident occurred this Friday in the Center of Lima. (Photo: Capture / David Solar Silva Infobae)

Likewise, he requested the presence of the driver and owner of the vehicle, because they have not communicated to find out the state of health of the injured. “I would like you to help us transfer them to EsSalud.” […] “I don’t know what his recovery will be like,” his mother said.

Infobae Peru He managed to talk to Diego’s cousin, who questioned the taking of the breathalyzer test, for what he described as an “irregularity.” This is how they fear that an attempt will be made to cover up some responsibility or that the owner of the vehicle will disappear.

The people that want to help young university students you can contact the number 965154028.

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