Trump joked about Nazi ovens in the ’90s: Barbara Res

Trump joked about Nazi ovens in the ’90s: Barbara Res
Trump joked about Nazi ovens in the ’90s: Barbara Res

A former employee of the Trump Organization, engineer Barbara Res, revealed that presidential candidate Donald Trump joked about Nazi “ovens” during a meeting with executives of Jewish companies in the 1990s.

“We had just hired a residential manager, a German. Donald was bragging to the executives about what a good guy he was; There were four of us at that time, a real gentleman, so neat and clean, and he looked at a group of our Jewish executives and said ‘Watch out for this guy, he remembers the ovens’ and then he smiled,” Res told MSNBC. .

“Everyone froze. She couldn’t believe she had said that, but he was making jokes about Nazi ovens and killing people. “That’s how it was,” she added during the interview to present her memoir ‘Tower of Lies’, referring to Trump Tower.

Trump thus joked about the crematoriums and gas chambers of the Holocaust concentration camps, in which Nazi Germany murdered more than six million Jews.

Both Trump and his rival Joe Biden are campaigning for the Jewish vote. Trump has assured that it is the best option to resolve the conflict in the Gaza Strip, while voting for the Democrats is “hating both Israel and Judaism.”

AMLO asks “not to miss” the debate between Joe Biden and Donald Trump

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador This Monday, he asked “not to miss” the debate that the president of the United States, Joe Biden, will have on Thursday with his rival, former governor Donald Trump (2017-2021), in which he anticipated proposals that affect Mexico such as “militarizing the border ”.

“There are going to be elections in November in the United States and there is the campaign. So there are mutual accusations and everyone has their opinion. The day after tomorrow there will be a debate between President Biden and former President Trump“Don’t miss it,” declared the president in his morning conference.

López Obrador referred to the debate that CNN will broadcast on Thursday which is unprecedented because it occurs before the conventions of both parties, which make nominations for the presidential race official, will not be organized by the Commission on Presidential Debates, and will not have an audience.

The Mexican president regretted that both candidates will not offer, according to him, solutions to prevent the death of 100,000 Americans a year due to fentanyl consumption, anticipating that They will blame Mexico and they will seek “interventionist” measures.

“They are going to talk, I can even tell you in advance, that we have to militarize the borderthat migrants carry drugs, that they are going to declare drug traffickers terrorists, that their hand is not going to shake to intervene in Mexico and arrest drug traffickers, and things like that,” he explained.

The debate will take place a little more than four months before the United States electionsin which migration on the border with Mexico is a central issue and the winner will deal with the virtual president-elect, Claudia Sheinbaumwho will take office on October 1 with the promise of continuing López Obrador’s policies.

The president made these statements questioned by the Mike Pompeo’s criticismformer Secretary of State of the United States during Trump’s administration and who warned that López Obrador’s judicial reform, which would allow judges to be elected by popular vote, would empower drug trafficking.

“They are very bad used (in the United States), with all due respect, to sticking their nose into other places. It doesn’t affect anything, they are pure inventions, it’s just that they remained stuck in the era of the Monroe Doctrine, of ‘America for Americans,'” López Obrador commented.

Information from Europa Press.

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