Family sues NASA for space debris that pierced their home; they are asking for more than a million pesos

Alejandro Oteroresident of Florida, United States, and father of a family, is suing to the POT by a piece of space junk that fell into his house.

According to statements by Alejandro Otero himself, a piece of space junk belonging to NASA He pierced the roof of his house and it remained embedded in the wall.

It all happened when his son was alone, after which he called his father in fear to quickly return to the house.

The events occurred last March 2024, but it was not until this moment that it was decided to file a lawsuit against NASA.

Logo of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) (National Aeronautics and Space Administration)

NASA’s space junk came from the International Space Station

To get home, Alejandro Otero found a cylindrical piece of metal, smaller than a soup can; which he identified as a space object, possibly of the POT.

Given this, NASA itself recognized that it is one of its used nickel hydride batterieswhich were downloaded from the International Space Station.

The space junk was thrown away in March 2021, floating in space for 3 years, until this piece was attracted by Earth’s gravity.

Alejandro Otero admits that when he saw what happened he was left trembling, thinking about the almost zero possibilities of something falling on you from the space that belongs to NASA.

International Space Station (@POT)

The demand against NASA for space debris is more than one million pesos

Mica Nguyen Worthy, a lawyer for the Otero family, noted that the demand against NASA is because 1.4 million pesos.

Something that POT must compensate the family, even if the incident did not occur due to negligence, since more care must be taken with the space junk.

If said object had fallen near a group of people or in another more densely populated place, it would have caused serious injuries and even death.

In addition, this case can set a precedent for the management of space debris, both for NASA and other space agencies.

Exposing the problem that is currently space debris accumulating around the Earth.

For his part, Alejando Otero is glad that his son or other people were not injured by the event ’caused’ by NASA.

Space Junk

Space Junk (ESA/David Shikomba & T.Haiduwa)

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