30 years without Chacalón: what are your most played songs on Spotify?

30 years without Chacalón: what are your most played songs on Spotify?
30 years without Chacalón: what are your most played songs on Spotify?

On a day like today, “the pharaoh of Peruvian cumbia” died at the age of 44. For this reason, Mercado Negro shares the three songs most listened to by users of the music app.

June 24, 1994 was a sad day for Peru. Chacalón, the highest representative of cumbia and the reference for those who migrated to the capital, had died. The singer-songwriter faced the disease of cancer without success and closed his eyes sheltered by the warmth of his home.

Lorenzo Palacios Quispe, better known as Chacalón or “the pharaoh of Peruvian cumbia”, lived as a child on the border of El Agustino and La Victoria. Precisely, the Grau Tent, a piece of land covered by a circus tarp, located on Avenida Grau and Paseo de la República, was the scene of many of his presentations.

The affection of his followers was such that the promoters of his concerts said: “when Chacalón sings, the hills come down.” His nostalgic lyrics resonated with them because they heard their daily experiences and sadness reflected in each song, like “Provincial Boy.”

Likewise, in 1987 UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) awarded Chacalón for his song “Poor Children of the World”, included in a Radio Inca campaign. For this reason, 30 years after his death, Mercado Negro shares the three songs by Chacalón y la Nueva Crema most listened to by users on Spotify.

1. Single and happy

The song has 1,005,739 views on the app. The lyrics convey the tranquility and freedom in which the singer-songwriter finds himself due to his marital status. “I’m single, I don’t ask for anything,” he emphasizes.

2. I only live and dream

This song has been listened to 686,665 times on Spotify. The song tells of a love that is only reciprocated in dreams, therefore, the singer prefers to live it, even if it is like that. “Only in my dream do you tell me yes,” he says.

3. sad and abandoned

This song has reached 634,323 views in the music app so far. Its lyrics describe the goodbye of a love and how nostalgia makes the singer-songwriter consider the possibility of a second chance. “Just give me a chance. If you want my songs, I will give them to you,” he says.

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