What Dani Vivian has sacrificed to play in the Euro Cup

What Dani Vivian has sacrificed to play in the Euro Cup
What Dani Vivian has sacrificed to play in the Euro Cup

Dani Vivian He is one of the recently arrived footballers Spanish selection that you have configured Luis de la Fuente, the coach of the national team, in recent months. Due to his great season in the Athletic Club, Dani Vivian has earned a place in the Spanish selection in this Euro 2024. An unexpected but at the same time fair call-up for one of the most regular centre-backs in Spanish football. A call that not even one’s own Dani Vivian expected months ago as shown by the fact that the defender had to sacrifice going to a concert Bruce Springsteenone of the best singers in the world.

Dani Vivianwho is going to be the starter in the game that Spanish selection is going to play against Albaniacorresponding to matchday 3 of Group B of the Euro 2024as long as a last-minute unforeseen event does not occur, has revealed that he will not be able to go to a concert by the well-known singer Bruce Springsteen because he has been summoned to play the continental tournament with the Spain of Luis de la Fuente.

I bought Springsteen tickets a year ago and I said to myself ‘I hope I can’t go to the Euro Cup.“, he claimed Dani Vivian In an interview with colleagues The mail some days ago.

Dani Vivian has been consolidated in the Spanish selection and has earned the trust of Luis de la Fuente. So much so that the coach of the national team did not hesitate to give the center back a place on the final list of 26 players of the Euro 2024 before Pau Cubarsi which caused some criticism since the defender of the Athletic Club He has won the place for one of the great future talents of Spanish football.

Dani Vivian, opportunity to prove his worth at an international level

Dani Vivian will have a very important test in the match against Albania. Having won their first two games, the Spanish selection has secured first position in the group and qualification to the round of 16 of the Euro 2024this will cause Luis de la Fuenteselector Spainmake massive rotations in the starting eleven and give minutes to players who have not played or have played little so far in this Euro 2024 with the Spanish selection.

In that group of footballers is Dani Vivian, who aims to start. It will be an important match for the central defender Athletic Club who will play an official match at the international level. A preparation for what will be found next season with the Athletic Clubwhich will contest the UEFA Europa Leaguewhere Dani Vivian He must have a lot of prominence and be important in the Basque team.

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