Oriana Marzoli between two suitors in Win or Serve

Oriana Marzoli was three seconds away from winning the women’s individual event, however she ended up becoming a maid. What happened? What can you get out of this problem?

Three seconds was the difference between Oriana Marzoli and the winner of the week’s women’s individual competition in Win or Serve, Camila Recabarren. Those three seconds meant that the former Miss Chile could choose any of the ladies to exchange places.

Recabarren did not hesitate and chose Oriana to become a servant. Her argument was to not repeat the affected person, since she had already chosen Fran Maira and Mariela Sotomayor in the past. Furthermore, this way Oriana could be close to Rai Cerda and Facundo González.

Oriana Marzoli’s bed mess in Win or Serve

Oriana Marzoli lost and became a maid in Win or Serve

Upon arriving home after the competition, Oriana discussed her misfortune with several people until she arrived with Rai Cerda, with whom she had had an intense kissing moment the night before. One of the most intense Win or Serve games so far.

There, after a couple of jokes, they both went to see what the accommodation situation would be like for the Venezuelan woman with a Spanish accent, while he assured her “there is a little bed next to me.”

Oriana Marzoli lost and became a maid in Win or Serve

However, when they got to the room they found a problem. Rai’s bed had been occupied by the newly arrived Facundo González, whom Oriana kept an eye on. Cerda did not enjoy the idea in the least and proceeded to fight for her space.

Of course, Oriana would have to occupy Camila Recabarren’s bed, a couple of positions further back, so Rai now wanted to make the change after fighting to maintain her original position. It is understood? Us neither much.

Confusion over Oriana's room change in Win or Serve
Confusion over Oriana’s room change in Win or Serve

There came a point where everyone involved was wondering what to do. Rai wanted Oriana to define her sleeping place. Oriana wanted to know which space she had been assigned. Facundo didn’t understand why Oriana was in her room.

Finally, while everyone was asking the rest to make up their minds, the woman with a divided heart raised her voice and solomonically chose to place herself in the middle between them. Of course, she couldn’t hide a small smile very well.

Oriana decided to sleep between the two gallants in Win or Serve
Oriana decided to sleep between the two gallants in Win or Serve

Look here at the complete mess of Oriana’s beds and loves in Win or Serve:

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