One more birthday for Messi with Argentina… With Cristóbal Soria as a surprise guest! | Relief

One more birthday for Messi with Argentina… With Cristóbal Soria as a surprise guest! | Relief
One more birthday for Messi with Argentina… With Cristóbal Soria as a surprise guest! | Relief

Lionel Messi’s birthday, in Argentina, is a special event. Everyone is paralyzed in congratulating the current Inter Miami player, from former teammates, family, friends… everyone. And since his birthday is June 24, in the last 20 years he has often had to be with the albiceleste teamconcentrated playing some tournament.

In 2005 it was the first time. That year he was in the Netherlands, where he played and won the U-20 World Cup. He was chosen best player of the tournament. A year later, again in Europe, he had to celebrate in Germany where he debuted in the absolute World Cup. In 2007 he celebrated in the Copa América in Venezuela.

Three years later, in the southern hemisphere, because South Africa was the one that held the 2010 World Cup. There he didn’t have a good tournament but he was with Maradona. In 2011, his worst tournament with Argentinacelebrated in Buenos Aires at the Copa América. In 2014 it was close, in Brazilwhere they lost the World Cup final. In 2015 and 2016, Chile and the United Stateswhere he lost two other finals and said he was retiring from the national team.

In 2018 it was Russia the place where he was during the World Cup. In 2019, Brazil in the Copa América. In 2021, between Brazil and Argentina with a new Copa América and the first great conquest in his history with the albiceleste in seniors. Now, a new year, 2024 and again the United States already being world champion.

12 years old celebrating birthdays away from home, with the albiceleste family. In addition, Diego and Antonia, chefs of the national team, also have birthdays and since he has been there, they have celebrated together.

a special guest

But this birthday has been different. A great defender of him arrived from Spain, the former Sevilla delegate and socialite The beach bar, Christopher Soria. The Sevillian flew to New Jersey with the intention of making Messi greet all the fans who were outside from a room.

And he succeeded, of course. J.Along with Messi were De Paul, Paredes, Lo Celso, Di María… and Soria. He was the protagonist alongside the Argentine. Meanwhile, downstairs, they cut cake and distributed it among the fans who were in the concentration hotel. Messi smiled and his teammates had fun.

relaxed atmosphere

With the World Cup under his arm, this is something else. Argentina knows that it can retain the Copa América title, everyone wants that but there is more time for relaxation and these images that we have seen reveal it. The albiceleste won in their debut and will play against Chile in the second match of the group stage of this Copa América held in the United States.

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