Attempt to sign Ronaldinho in 2020 – Football

Attempt to sign Ronaldinho in 2020 – Football
Attempt to sign Ronaldinho in 2020 – Football

The unicolor president of that time, Miguel Ángel Figueredo, provided ABC with some details of the management that did not prosper due to a legal problem for the retired soccer player.

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“We try. “We went to talk to him and his brother to see if there was a possibility,” she said.

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Ronaldinho was deprived of his freedom in our country for the use of documents with false content, and was released after a plea agreement and the payment of a fine.

“It was more taking advantage of the fact that he was going to be in Paraguay for a while and could have a job that would keep him busy in his free time and motivate him,” said Figueredo.

“It was also going to be an opportunity to give our championship more appeal and inspire some kids we had in our training, etc.,” he added.

“It was not a good offer, because we did not have enough money to pay him, but rather for him to be in football, in competition and to create a synergy effect between him, the club and our championship,” said the current vice president of the Association. Paraguayan Football.

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