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‘Trouble Every Day’, new book by Eddie Langham, this book explores queer and trans identity through historical fashion. Featuring anachronistic images captured in the woods of Sydenham Hill, it celebrates the beauty and resilience of the trans community, offering an alternative timeline that highlights their historical presence through paganism and folklore and their magical spirituality.

The photographs in ‘Trouble Every Day’ (New Dimension, 2024) represent anachronistic beauty and evoke the natural process of sprouting, flowering, rotting and decaying, a metaphor Langham uses to reflect the expression of queer and trans identity. Created by Eddie Langham, who handles fashion direction, and written by Donna Marcus Dukethe book incorporates historical references that highlight the elegance of bygone eras, but also they underline the historical presence of trans identity, often marginalized in art history. The book offers an alternative timeline that celebrates trans and queer people in aesthetics and regalia that they historically would not have had access to.

The book explores themes of paganism and ritualism, highlighting the trans energy that permeates many English folk traditions. The images, with their flowing robes, veils and armor, alongside the bucolic landscape and decaying ruins, create an atmosphere reminiscent of folk horror. Langham describes the transition and the process of aligning the outside with the inside of a person as an experience full of magic and supernatural elements.

At the heart of ‘Trouble Every Day’ is community, both of those who have been lost and those who are yet to come. Donna Marcus Duke, in her essay ‘Marsha, Gardens, and Fucking Liberals’, addresses the complex relationship of trans identity with the past and spirituality. Duke reflects on how the image of Marsha P. Johnson with a crown of flowers has become an icon and how trans people seek refuge in spirituality.

Like flowers that bloom despite the frost, queer and trans people continue to grow and affirm their existence. ‘Trouble Every Day’ invites readers to immerse themselves in a magical and supernatural experience, celebrating the diversity and resilience of the trans and queer community.

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