Amazon announces Prime Day: cheap Alexas for everyone

Amazon announces Prime Day: cheap Alexas for everyone
Amazon announces Prime Day: cheap Alexas for everyone

Alexa: When is Prime Minister’s Day this year? No, not Pride Day. Prime Minister’s Day? FIRST DAY. When?

Wow, it’s almost that time: 2024 is bombing out at a record pace (“not really,” all scientists everywhere) and Amazon is preparing to launch the 10th version of its mid-year Prime Day sales event .

Amazon will be Amazon, so this year they recruited rapper Megan T. Stallion to sing a new hit song called “It’s Prime Day,” proving that the original birthplace of street rap never hurts. Ice Vanilla would roll into his grave (if he’s obviously dead). In the video, which you can enjoy below during the break, Megan goes shopping and buys things for her dog.

Arrest! Amazon Time (Region): When is Prime Day 2024?

July 16 and 17 are the days reserved for the sale show, which is generally one of the best times of the year (aside from any other sales) to buy Amazon-branded products and use Alexa in your home.

The caveat is that you must also be an Amazon Prime member, but many people benefit from the fact that it includes free next-day shipping in most locations, as well as access to services like Prime Gaming and Prime Video.

There are other products appearing besides Amazon Echos and the like, and other retailers may also be hosting competitive events, so it’s definitely a deal worth checking out if you’re looking for new tech or gaming peripherals, or even games.

As for Megan Thee Stallion, who definitely didn’t pay for this one, ‘It’s Prime Day’ will appear as a bonus track on her new album MEGAN and will be available if you use Amazon Music. I’ve spent the last five minutes wondering if I can get away with using the winking emoji in this copy. Let’s play it safe. Let’s pretend it’s there.


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