Walmart launches new digital labels in its prices and this is what they look like

New Walmart Price Tags

Walmart has begun testing innovative technology that improves the way tests are performed. price changes in stores, speeding up processes and elevating the customer experience.

This is a new labeling system known as digital shelf labels (DSLs), which is expected to be implemented in 2,300 stores by 2026.

Walmart’s new price tags

It all starts in store 266 located in Grapevine, Texas, from where Walmart has begun testing a system that seeks to simplify processes and increase production.

DSLs represent a significant change in how store associates manage pricing, inventory, ordering, and customer interactions.

Walmart stores carry more than 120,000 products, each with its individual price tag.

Weekly, these stores update thousands of prices for new products, sales and discounts. This represents the use of a vital and scarce resource: time.

Digital labels, developed by Vusion Group, allow prices to be updated on shelves using a mobile app, eliminating the need to manually change paper labels and allowing more time to serve customers in the store.

New digital labels and a price increase?

The use of DSLs has transformed employees’ daily routines, improving the way they replenish shelves and complete orders.

Key benefits include increased productivity and time savings on travel as prices can be updated in minutes.

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new walmart price tagsnew walmart price tags

In addition, features such as “Stock to Light” and “Pick to Light” make it easier to replenish stock and prepare online orders, improving the accuracy and speed of the process.

However, the implementation of digital price tags has raised concerns among customers in the United States, concerned about possible price increases due to the ease of changing prices digitally.

However, given this concern, the company has insisted that this change seeks to improve its processes and the purchasing experience.

What is behind Walmart’s decision?

Walmart has chosen this innovation with a view to improving productivity, which allows it to increase revenue and profits without the need to raise prices or reduce staff.

This transition to digital shelf labels not only seeks to improve efficiency and customer satisfaction, but also integrate sustainability into the work, helping to reduce operational waste.

The expansion of digital shelf labels promises a positive impact on both operations and the environment.

Will the new price tags reach Mexico?

This system, which for now has only been implemented in the United States, does not rule out its future arrival in other countries, including Mexico.


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