SEREMI de Energía invites you to apply for the electricity subsidy for the most vulnerable families in the Region

SEREMI de Energía invites you to apply for the electricity subsidy for the most vulnerable families in the Region
SEREMI de Energía invites you to apply for the electricity subsidy for the most vulnerable families in the Region

SEREMI de Energía invites you to apply for the electricity subsidy for the most vulnerable families in the Region

June 25, 2024

Before neighborhood leaders and social organizations, the SEREMI de Energía launched the information campaign on the application process for the electricity subsidy that will begin next Monday, July 1 on the website

The regional presidential delegate of Coquimbo, Galo Luna, stressed that “this energy subsidy is part of the law of stabilization of electricity rates, a product of these interests that were accumulating, as a result of the rate increase that has been scheduled in the last four years. . With this we are going to help more than a million people and allow the impact that this payment of this pending debt will have on the rate to be mitigated.”

During the activity, the Seremi (S) of Energy, Constanza Espinosa, explained that “after five years of electricity bills having been frozen, the increase was inevitable and we had to address it responsibly. That is why the Rate Stabilization Law was approved, which incorporates an electricity subsidy that supports almost one and a half million families from the most vulnerable 40 percent of the Social Household Registry. The benefit will be for the people, so if there are two families in the same meter they can both benefit. It will be a temporary benefit, for which they must apply per semester, because realities may change and this information must be updated.”

The neighborhood leader of Las Compañías, Margarita Carrasco, valued the information provided by the seremi. “We are very happy because it is a benefit for homes, in that we can apply for two to three homes.” Bella Juica, president of the Pan de Azúcar Rural Drinking Water Committee, said that “(the subsidy) was very clear to us to transmit it to both the APR beneficiaries and the neighborhood associations.”

Washington Seura, leader of the Bernardo O’Higgins neighborhood association of Villa El Libertador, stated that the majority of its members are older adults and many women live with their daughters in the same house, “that’s why we were interested in knowing about this benefit.” “.

Meanwhile, the Seremi of Government, Paulina Mora, maintained that “there is a commitment to take charge of this situation and alleviate the difficulty caused by the increases in electricity, and that today for the first time we will have a subsidy for 40 percent most vulnerable of the Social Household Registry”.

Pía Castillo Bosselaar, Seremi of Economy, Development and Tourism, highlighted that “the electricity bill is one of the largest expenses for the most vulnerable families and those who apply and access this benefit will be able to allocate that savings to other relevant expenses, such as food. , education, health or other priorities. In addition, we are controlling inflation and the sustained rise in prices of many basic products and services, so this benefit adds to these efforts and will be of great help to families.”

The application requirements for the electricity subsidy are to belong to a household that is in the most vulnerable 40% of the Social Registry of Households and to be up to date on electricity bills or, failing that, to have signed a payment agreement at the time of the allocation of the benefit.

The application process will begin next July 1 on the website and will run until July 14. The beneficiaries of this subsidy will see it materialized through a discount on their electricity bills. To resolve questions about the process, in addition to the website, a telephone service 600 6000 732 and the WhatsApp number +569 9000 0236 were implemented.

The activity was led by the regional presidential delegate of Coquimbo, Galo Luna and the seremi (S) of Energy, Constanza Espinosa; also counting on the presence of the Provincial presidential delegate of Limarí, Marily Escobar; deputies Carolina Tello and Daniel Manouchehri; and the regional ministerial secretaries of Government, Paulina Mora; of Women and Gender Equality, María Fernanda Glaser; of Economy, Pía Castillo, and of the Environment, Leonardo Gross.

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