Before the presidential debate, Trump boasts about fundraising while Biden passes him in the polls

Before the presidential debate, Trump boasts about fundraising while Biden passes him in the polls
Before the presidential debate, Trump boasts about fundraising while Biden passes him in the polls


Beyond the electoral programs, if there are any—that of donald trump It is more of an autocratic ideology, the so-called Project 2025-, the November presidential campaign is measured in accounting data: those of the fundraising and the percentages of voting intention of the candidates. This week, for the first time this year, the Democrat Joe Biden has overtaken his Republican rival in the polls, according to the national average of FiveThirtyEight polls. The Democrat has gained 1.8 points since May 30, when the Trump guilty verdict in Stormy Daniels case. But, at the same time, and also for the first time since the justice system declared him convicted, The former president has surpassed his adversary in revenue, drained in recent months by the diversion of funds to cover their exorbitant legal expenses. If Biden received $28 million from his supporters in Hollywood a week ago, in a single night, the 50 million check that the Republican registered on May 31—one day after the ruling—at the hands of the millionaire Timothy Mellon He has cleaned up his campaign finances, while boosting his image as a candidate.

The campaign of Trump surpassed President Biden’s collection by more than $60 million last month, according to federal records published last Thursday, which detail the explosion of memberships following the verdict of the Manhattan popular jury. Thanks to that injection of 50 million, but also to the small contributions of thousands of anonymous donors, many of them neophytes moved by the jury’s ruling, Trump has managed to close the funding gap with his rival. Biden has maintained a considerable lead for months and continues to raisebut the accounts now indicate a demonstration of political force above even justice.

FILE – In this combination of photos, left, President Joe Biden speaks on Aug. 10, 2023, in Salt Lake City, and former President Donald Trump speaks on July 8, 2023, in Las Vegas. (AP Photo, File)AP

In total, Trump’s campaign raised $141 million in Mayalmost double the 85 million registered by the Democrat’s political action committees (PAC; main engine of the campaigns). Trump’s super PAC raised nearly $69 million in May, including half a hundred million from banker Mellon, just the day after the verdict. In total, the Republican coffers today have 170 million dollars, compared to the Democrats’ 212 million.

The latest data from the Federal Electoral Commission suggests that Democrats May Still Maintain a Cash Lead Heading into November. But trends seem to change quickly—as do volatile polls—precisely when voters are starting to pay attention to the elections. Greater fundraising for Trump means more power and influence in the hinge states, those where the battle to decide the next US president is really decided.

The accounting nature of campaigns in the US is also measured in advertising investment, for example the 50 million spent by Biden for his latest and aggressive advertisement, a way to warm up the engines for the first televised debate of the two contenders, from which the independent candidate Robert F. Kennedy has been dropped for not meeting the requirements (due to a conspiracy against him, according to Kennedy). The advertising investment of the company has not fallen short either. trump campaign: after receiving the check for 50 million dollars, hired 100 million in ads until Labor Day, which in the US is celebrated on the first Monday in September. Another indicator that the election, like almost everything in the country, is about dollars, rather than ideas: success in November may depend in part on which of the two sides will continue to have multimillion-dollar backers.

He positioning of great fortunes is another notable factor: a good part of Wall Street more openly supports Trump. Even those who were suspicious of the Republican for instigating the assault on the Capitol in January 2021 have closed ranks, some as notorious as the head of Blackstone, Stephen Schwarzmanwho then denounced Trump’s maneuvers and now assumes his ideas on economics, immigration and foreign policy.

The horizon projected by a new Trump mandate favors the market, especially that of the fossil fuelswith a battery of deregulations to dismantle the imposed controls during the Biden presidency: one of the pillars of Project 2025 is precisely override federal government regulatory agencies. Trump’s supporters also include prominent representatives of the technology business. cryptocurrencies.

The Biden donors meanwhile they keep their pulse. The billionaire former mayor of New York, Michael Bloomberg recently donated almost $20 million to the president’s re-election campaign. The philanthropist Melinda French Gates broke her traditional discretion to speak out for the first time in favor of a candidate, the Democrat. “The elections will be very important for women and families and, this time, I cannot remain silent,” he published on the social network X.

To encourage their followers in the face of the Trump storm, the Biden team and his vice president, Kamala Harris, boasted this week of having raised “the largest total of any Democratic candidate in history for this moment in the electoral cycle, the aforementioned 212 million in available cash, of a total of 558 million harvested since the launch of the campaign. As always when statistics or vote projections are handled, the difficult thing is to figure out if it is a still photo or a panoramic one.

The ability to make cash also seems to guide the choice of who will accompany Donald Trump as vice presidenta mystery that will theoretically be resolved in Milwaukee during the Republican national convention, in mid-July.

Several of the main candidates to be his number two —the governor of North Dakota, Doug Burgum; the republican senator Tim Scottand Republican Senator from Ohio, J.D. Vance, which gains points at times—have forced their respective collection machines. The financial team of the Republican National Committee evaluates its achievements every Wednesday, according to party sources cited by the information portal Axios. Getting along with Trump—in this the popular Vance, who has almost become a hagiographer of the former president, has the advantage—and his special telegenicity are other factors to take into account.



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