Trevelin. Families and teachers report gas leak in the garden

Trevelin. Families and teachers report gas leak in the garden
Trevelin. Families and teachers report gas leak in the garden

This afternoon, families and teachers, members of the Trevelin educational community, gathered in front of the 422 initial level school. They denounced the poor building situation of the establishment, evidenced by a gas leak days ago.

The leak was detected by the teachers who were working, during class time, with boys and girls in the classrooms. Some teachers were taken to the Hospital because they felt unwell and there they confirmed the existence of poisoning.

In order to give continuity to the classes, the children have been relocated to other municipal buildings such as the municipal sports center. A bad solution, due to the implications for families, as well as for children, who see their work and community conditions and dynamics altered. Going through logical issues of moving materials and furniture for daily work, and the fact that the Sports Center does not have the minimum conditions to guarantee the normal and adequate development of classes for a population as sensitive as children, among others.

As if this were not enough, to make the situation worse, garden 422 is without heating and has another electrical problem, previously noted.

As the elected representative of FIT-U Chubut pointed out from the rally, Oma Rochathis “It shows the lack of investment in school infrastructure by the provincial government of Ignacio Torres, since in addition to the precarious salaries of teachers, the building issue is a profound problem”.

Faced with this situation, the extremely concerned educational community has taken to the streets and demands an urgent solution from the authorities. From the M.S.T. in it FIT-U We support this claim and maintain that there is money for educational infrastructure, if it stops paying the fraudulent external debt. Let us unite building and salary demands in defense of Public Education.

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