Bolivian gas will double LNG prices

Bolivian gas will double LNG prices
Bolivian gas will double LNG prices

As they explain, a precise price cannot be known because it depends on a formula that takes a basket of fuels and their international value, which can fluctuate. However, they anticipate that a possible value could be $19 or $20.

Gas on demand

The last addendum contemplates an extension of the contract that ended on July 31 for two more months, although without an obligation to purchase. “It is upon request,” they say from Enarsa, where they trust that by September 15 the first part of the reversal will be completed with the injection of 5 MMm3/d, one million more than the maximum that Bolivia could deliver during these two months.

North Gasduct Reversal Techint Sacde welding 100 Kilometers (1).jpeg

Regarding the delay in the work of the Northern Gas Pipeline, the state firm maintains that the reversal “never stopped,” as questioned by the previous administration, but rather that they were forced to retender line 1 when a price 70% higher than the budget was found. .

“Since October 25, there was no movement, the evaluation commission was not issued until the change of administration, when its process was resumed. It was not legally possible to award line 1 and its financing was in danger at those price levels,” they maintain.

“Lines 2 and 3 were awarded as of January 3. Then line 1 was re-tendered, reformulated, with abbreviated terms, preserving CAF financing, generating competition in the new tender, which was reflected in its prices,” they add regarding the procedures of the first months of the year.

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