Jota Pe Hernández ‘arrived all raised, like a fine rooster, and left speaking softly’

Jota Pe Hernández changes his tone against Francia Márquez.

Senator Jota Pe Hernández was made a fool of when he held a press conference before the conciliation process against Francia Márquez with a ‘brave macho’ attitude and after the hearing he spoke in a lower and calmer tone.

The videos were recorded on social networks, generating a series of comments and memes against Senator ‘Judas’ del Cambio.

Jota Pe Hernández changed his tone of voice

Jota Pe showed a defiant attitude that transformed into a more submissive tone after the hearing.

At 10:00 am, Hernández stated firmly: «I am going to continue firmly doing that political control that characterizes me so that Mrs. Francia Márquez may not like it.. Today is supposed to be a conciliation hearing, there is not going to be any type of conciliation here. “Jota Pe Hernández is not going to retract absolutely anything.”

These words resonated with a ‘brave macho’ attitude, evidencing his intention to confront Márquez without giving room for a possible agreement.

However, the situation changed drastically after the hearing with Márquez’s lawyers and the Supreme Court of Justice.

Hernández came out almost with his head down and in a soft tone admitted: “I do not have any evidence with which I can point to Vice President Francia Márquez”. This change in attitude was noticeable and quickly captured by the media present.

The conciliation process did not come to fruition, and the lack of agreement between the vice president and the senator was clear before the Supreme Court of Justice.

Jota Pe Hernández changes his tone against Francia MárquezJota Pe Hernández changes his tone against Francia Márquez
Jota Pe Hernández changes his tone against Francia Márquez.

The controversy arose when Hernández suggested that Márquez could be involved in the corruption scandal of the National Unit for Risk Management (PNGRD), an accusation that turned out to be unfounded according to the senator’s own words after the hearing.

The vice president’s defense assured that the process continues against the congressman, accusing him of slander.

The reaction on social media was immediate. Users were quick to create memes and sarcastic comments about Hernández’s drastic change in tone, questioning his credibility and consistency in his statements.

The confrontation between Jota Pe Hernández and Francia Márquez not only highlighted the senator’s lack of evidence, but also the ease with which his defiant attitude crumbled in the face of the reality of a judicial process.

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