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She was a presenter on TV Azteca’s ‘Extranormal’ – El Financiero

She was a presenter on TV Azteca’s ‘Extranormal’ – El Financiero
She was a presenter on TV Azteca’s ‘Extranormal’ – El Financiero

Laura Rivasmedium and presenter of the television program Extranormal He died this Wednesday, July 3, as announced by the drivers of To the extreme.

The cause of the famous woman’s death is currently unknown and was not revealed in the space dedicated to the announcement of her death.

Laura Rivas This is how they announced the death of Laura Rivas. (Photo: Capture ‘Al Extremo’) (Ricardo Diaz)

“We regret the sensitive death of Laura Rivas. She was a collaborator of Extranormal on TV Azteca and in To the extreme We send our condolences to his entire family, as well as our strength for this great loss,” reads the post made on the television program’s official social media, without specifying the cause of death.

Who was Laura Rivas, researcher of ‘Extranormal’?

According to information published on the same social network as the aforementioned television program, she was not only a presenter, but writer of the scripts in Extranormal and astrologer.

The announcement of Laura Rivas’s death was also given by Jorge Omar Sánchez, news director of TV Azteca. On his X account he shared more details about the medium’s career.

“Laura Rivas, a mystical and controversial person who was a fundamental piece for the program, passed away Extranormal. When I invited her to work on my team it was for a horoscope section from a magazine,” the post reads.

Sánchez provided details of the researcher’s arrival at this space of paranormal casesAccording to what was posted on her X account, she joined the cast in November 2006.

“The first investigation to the one invited to Laura Rivas It was in Nov. 2006, the pilot program was called The investigator and then changed to Extranormal. That’s how it was broadcast, it was the episode with the highest audience, that’s where the phenomenon began,” Jorge Omar shared.

She participated as a television host in different episodes of the show based on ghost appearances, as well as demon possessions or traces of people who could be witches or sorceresses.

The medium would access abandoned places or places that were supposedly haunted and explain whether there was any “evil” presence or something inexplicable in the place.

What did Rivas’s family say about his death?

The only statement made by the family about the driver’s death Laura Rivas It was given by her sister Marcela on her Facebook page. In the post she sent a message to the paranormal researcher.

“It is with deep pain in my heart that I regret to inform you that today is one of the most difficult and sad days of my life. My sister passed away today at 7:22 am, leaving an immense pain in my soul. I ask from the bottom of my heart to say a prayer for her eternal rest,” she said on the social network.

It is currently unknown whether the famous woman suffered from an illness or a chronic health problem that caused her death.

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