‘Gol Caracol’ beat RCN again and with the rating of Colombia vs. Brazil

The match between the Colombia selection y Brazil for the last day of Group D of the 2024 Copa América, generated a lot of expectation in the preview, taking into account the great performance of the ‘tricolor’ in its first two presentations and the rise that the ‘canarinha’ made against Paraguayso it was a duel between two candidates for the title.

Finally, the match did not disappoint and ended with an emotional 1-1 draw, in what was a commitment that had thousands of televisions turned on throughout the country, becoming one of the most watched in the history of open television, in which the duel was once again won by the Caracol Channel in the rating.

The ‘Gol Caracol’ swept the draw between Colombia and Brazil

The X account, ‘Rating Colombia’ that publishes the daily measurements of Colombian television, revealed the numbers left by the match between the Colombia selection ante Brazilwhere once again and as usual, ‘Gol Caracol’ was the preferred channel for Colombians to watch the ‘tricolor’ game.

In total, the match scored 32.8 ratings across the country, with ‘Gol Caracol’ scoring 24.2, while the RCN Channel It only registered 8.6, being far below its competition, so the mollusk channel almost tripled the three-letter channel, which still has not managed to charm viewers enough to change channels.

Colombia vs. Brazil for the 2024 Copa América. Photo: Imago.

Colombia vs. Brazil, one of the most watched matches in history

With that 32.8, the game of the Colombia selection ante Brazilbecomes the fifth most watched match in the history of open television in the country, being surpassed only by the games of the 2018 World Cup in Russia and the Brazil-Colombia of the 2014 World Cup, being the duel Colombia vs. England the most watched in history with 35.2.

Now the next game of Colombia It will be for the quarter-finals of the Copa America against Panamaa duel that will be played on Saturday, July 6 at 5:00 PM, where surely thousands of fans of the national team will be glued to the screen supporting those led by Nestor Lorenzo.

Photo: X.

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Where do you prefer to watch the Colombian national team?


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