The moment of ‘Zazza, the Italian’ when he is mistaken for a stripper in Benidorm: “I’m a YouTuber!”

‘Zazza, the Italian’ and Jalis de la Serna They moved to Benidorm during the last episode of PatrollingThe YouTuber had a bad, but funny, time when he stopped to talk to some English people on a busy street.

The young man was in an area full of nightclubs, where he listed them one by one.55% of the population here is English“This has become the branch of the British Isles,” he said.

Trying to get into one of the bars best known for its performances, as he said, The goalkeeper prevented him from passing for carrying a camera. As he stepped aside, a group of English women stopped to talk to him.Are you a stripper?“one of them asked, dressed as a cheerleader.

No, soy youtuber“, the Italian explained to her in English. However, she did not believe him and tried to dance with him. Even He ended up lying on the asphalt so that the boy could show him his steps, but he refused: “I’m a YouTuber!”

After that, he continued his way through that area, arriving at a bar where there was a mechanical bull. stopped with an English man who was begging on the streets“My wife and two children are in heaven, and I gave away my company with 40 employees.”

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