Young Income 2024: requirements and how to register for the program

In case you didn’t know, registrations for Renta Joven in 2024 will be open from July 20 to October 15. For this reason, it is time for you to check if you meet all the requirements to participate in the program.

Who receives the Youth Income subsidy?

Please note the requirements to register for the program:

  • Be between 14 and 28 years old.
  • Have a record in the official secondary education enrollment systems as a graduate of vocational secondary school (11th grade).
  • Be included in one of the following targeting bases:
  1. Be registered in the current Sisbén or the targeting instrument that takes its place, with a classification as a population group in a situation of extreme poverty, poverty and vulnerability.
  2. Be registered in the census lists of the indigenous population, administered by the Ministry of the Interior.
  3. Be registered in the census lists of the Colombian Institute of Family Welfare of the population with measures to restore rights and who are pursuing higher education or complementary training under the protection of this entity.
  • Be enrolled in a complementary training process or higher education at the technical, technological or university (undergraduate) levels in a face-to-face, traditional distance, or virtual mode.
  • Not having a record in the official higher education systems of a university professional degree and/or postgraduate degree.
  • Not having an active registration in the Youth in Peace program or the strategy that takes its place.

How to register for Renta Joven?

Young people who meet the requirements can register online through the Prosperidad Social website. Remember that places will be granted according to budget availability for each period.

How can I check if I am eligible for Renta Joven?

  • Once the link is enabled on the opening date, here’s what you need to do:
  • Please check your ID. If you are a potential participant, please update and complete the requested information.
  • Select the line of intervention corresponding to your training process.
  • Please note that you can only receive support once and it must match the information registered:
  1. Higher education institutions
  2. Higher Normal Schools
  3. SENA (for technical levels, make sure you have your high school graduation certificate in a digital PDF file with a maximum weight of 512KB).
  • Complete the requested information according to the selected line.
  • Wait for a message confirming successful completion of the process.

When can I be part of Renta Joven?

“Once higher education institutions, special alliances, public force training schools, higher normal schools and SENA report that they are enrolled for the 2024-2 academic period, compliance with the commitments will be verified and registrations will be granted based on the availability of places for the period,” added Prosperidad Social.

If your registration is accepted, it will be formalized in cycle 6 of 2024.

How much is the Youth Income subsidy?

  • If you are a SENA student you will receive $200,000 a month, verifying that you have an effective registration. The benefit will be delivered to you six times a year on a bi-monthly basis.
  • If you are a higher education student, you will receive between $200,000 and $400,000 per academic period.depending on their academic performance and fulfillment of commitments.
  • If you complete your additional training in normal schools you can receive up to $400,000 per academic period, both for enrollment and for satisfactory permanence.
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