Who is Keir Starmer? The Labour candidate who could win the British elections

Who is Keir Starmer? The Labour candidate who could win the British elections
Who is Keir Starmer? The Labour candidate who could win the British elections

Millions of Britons are called to the polls today in elections that are expected to be historic. After 14 years of Conservative governments, everything seems to indicate that the United Kingdom will change tenants at 10 Downing Street and, most certainly, political training in the government.

According to the latest pre-election pollsthe British people will renew their Executive today and will give its confidence to Keir Starmer’s Labour Partyrelegating the Conservative Party, or Tories, to the second force in the House of Commons. However, Polls suggest Rishi Sunak’s seat is in danger of disappearingas he is standing for re-election in the Richmond and Northallerton district and, according to polling firms, the current Prime Minister could be the first major humiliation for the Tories at the polls not receiving enough votes to secure a seat in the British Parliament.

But who is the winner according to all the polls? What did Keir Starmer do before he entered politics? This is the CV of the leader of the Labour Party who will almost certainly become British Prime Minister.

From a small town in London to Prime Minister

Starmer, 62, was born in Oxted, a small town south of Londonand is the son of a humble toolmaker and a National Health Service nurse. Like many families, They had to face challenges, although the hardest was the fight against the rare disease that their mother suffered from. and which ultimately resulted in the amputation of one of his legs.

After the Labour leader spent much of his childhood watching his mother admitted to hospital, his mother’s bravery and determination to carry on despite her illness led to Starmer securing a place at the University of Leeds, where he studied Lawbecoming the first member of his family to go to university.

The aspiring premier He obtained his law degree in 1987 and spent much of his time providing free legal advice to citizens to defend their interests against large companies such as Shell or McDonald’s. However, His crowning achievement in the legal world came in 2008, when Keir became Director of Public Prosecutions and headed the Crown Prosecution Service.a high-profile job for which He ended up being knighted in 2014In fact, Starmer became the first Labour leader to take power with the prefix ‘Sir’ to his name.

From lawyer to politician: a new challenge

With just 11 years in the profession, His leap into politics was late, as it was not until he was 51 when he became a deputy.. Apparently, it was his friend and neighbor Ed Miliband, leader of the Labour Party from 2010 to 2015, whoconvinced him to take the stepand once inside the game, it was Jeremy CorbynLabour leader from 2015 to 2019, who helped him rise through the ranks.

Starmer was a staunch opponent of Brexit, even calling for a second referendum to try to reverse the British exit from the European Union. After the Labour defeat in 2019, Keir was given the leadership of the party with the aim to lead it towards a more centrist and pragmatic positionmoving away from Corbyn’s more openly socialist policies, such as abolishing university tuition fees and nationalising energy and water companies.

Finally, In April 2020 Keir was elected leader of the Labour Party“It is the honor and privilege of my life. I will do my best to guide us through these difficult times.to serve all our communities and to fight for the good of our country,” the prime ministerial hopeful said upon his nomination.

In this way, and although Critics now call him “uninteresting and unambitious,” the Labor Party has grown in popularity under his leadership.and proof of this are the pre-election polls that predict a clear victory for Starmer with an advantage of more than 20 points over the conservatives; something that, if there are no surprises, will make him the new Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

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