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An employee of one of the affected commercial premises speaks

An employee of one of the affected commercial premises speaks
An employee of one of the affected commercial premises speaks

A fire that started this morning Thursday, June 4th in one of the commercial warehouses in downtown Bogotá, near La Mariposa square in San Victorino, has already consumed several establishments and is being controlled by the Fire Department.

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Panic and traffic congestion were generated in the area, exactly on 11th Street and 11th Avenue, where a dense column of smoke rose.

“Around 30 firefighters from the Central, Restrepo and Chapinero stations, with support from the Technical Rescue Team, are controlling a fire in a commercial establishment on Calle 11 and Carreta 11. No injuries reported“, the Bogotá Firefighters indicated in their X account.

A fire is under control at a commercial establishment on Calle 11 and Cra 11.

Photo:Official Firefighters of Bogotá

When the employees of these commercial premises arrived to begin their daily work, they were met with the news of the fire, which has left many in uncertainty and worried.

“They haven’t told us anything. We’re just getting there, we only know that everything burned down, we don’t know how it happened. We have to wait for the firefighters to finish the job to see what happens and see how much was burned, what we have left,” he said in an interview with Blue Radio Yamile, one of the employees.

There the whole life was burned, because it is many years of work

“A whole life was burned there, because there are many years of work, there were four floors, there was a lot of merchandise there, there are many workers. A whole life was burned, apart from the material,” said the woman in the midst of despair.

The employee, who worked as a saleswoman in a commercial establishment, explained that these stores had piñata items, as well as ribbons, buttons, jewelry, decorations and Halloween costumes. He also added that they still do not know how much money was lost after the fire.

Another employee, on the verge of tears, said that they still don’t know what will happen, but that they will definitely not be able to work this Thursday.

Fire in Bogota

Photo:Jose Camilo Castiblanco

“Our source of work was burned down, our bosses have been building that warehouse for more than 20 years. If for us who are two or three years old [trabajando allí]”Imagine that they have been building for 20 years. This is the second time that their warehouse has burned down,” added the employee, who said she was dismayed by the situation.

At the moment, the authorities have not made an official assessment of the fire, the causes of the fire are unknown, nor are the losses caused to the merchants.



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