A journalist with a different ability managed to interview Julián Álvarez

After the match in which Argentina qualified through the penalty round in the Copa America at the expense of Ecuadorhis players went to the locker room and there something happened that social media describes as moving. One of their players made a great gesture to a differently abled communicator.

Julian Alvarez agreed to an interview with a wheelchair-bound journalist, The Manchester City striker listened attentively to the reporter’s question and then responded lucidly.

“In the next phase they could face Venezuela and Canada. “Have you seen something of the Boca Batista team?” the Venezuelan journalist told Julián Álvarez, to which he replied: “Yes, we have seen it, we know that they are very good, they have played well in all the games, but in these days we are going to focus on ourselves and prepare the game according to the rival to have a great semifinal,” he concluded.

This act of the Argentine footballer stands out on social networkswhere there are positive comments towards Álvarez for the gesture, in the same way for the Venezuelan communicator, who is praised for his bravery in interviewing the ‘spider’.

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