Equestrian Sports at the Paris 2024 Olympic Games

Equestrian Sports at the Paris 2024 Olympic Games
Equestrian Sports at the Paris 2024 Olympic Games

Los Paris 2024 Olympic Games Olympic Games are just around the corner and one of the most eagerly awaited disciplines is equestrianism. This sport, which combines elegance, precision and close collaboration between rider and horse, will once again be an exciting spectacle on the Olympic stage.

History and discipline

Equestrian sports have been part of the Olympic Games since 1900 in Paris, and have evolved to include three main disciplines: show jumping, dressage and eventing. Each of these disciplines tests different skills of both rider and horse, from grace and precision in dressage to speed and agility in jumping.

Expectations for Paris 2024

At Paris 2024, equestrian sports are expected to attract a crowd of enthusiasts. The event will be held at the iconic Palace of Versaillesa place that will not only offer a breathtaking view, but also a historical connection with French equestrian tradition. The world’s best riders will compete in a setting that promises to be both challenging and spectacular.

Competition and favorites

Among the countries with the greatest chances of winning a medal are: Germany, Netherlands y United Kingdomnations that have traditionally dominated these disciplines. However, there are also high expectations placed on the competitors of North America y Australiawho have shown exceptional performance in previous competitions.

Innovations and preparations

Preparations for the equestrian events at Paris 2024 are in full swing, with technological innovations promising to improve both the spectator and competitor experience. From facility improvements to advanced horse health and welfare monitoring systems, every detail is being fine-tuned to ensure the best possible competition.

Equestrian competition calendar in Paris 2024

The competitions in this discipline will begin on Saturday 27 July and the first medals will be awarded on Monday 29, in the team and individual eventing events. The Finals in team jumping and dressage will be on Friday 2 and Saturday 3 August, while the Finals in individual dressage will be on Sunday 4 August. The equestrian activity will conclude on Saturday 6 with the Final of individual dressage.


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