This is what singer Billie Eilish looks like as drawn by the author of Attack on Titan

This is what singer Billie Eilish looks like as drawn by the author of Attack on Titan
This is what singer Billie Eilish looks like as drawn by the author of Attack on Titan

The popular artist received a great drawing from Hajime Isayama, creator of Attack on Titan.

Billie Eilish has shown her love for anime on more than one occasion

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Attack on Titan is One of the highest rated animes of recent years and, despite the controversies that surrounded some scenes in its final stretch, it remains a work capable of arouse the enthusiasm of a large number of people both inside and outside Japan.

Among the many followers that this excellent action anime has gained over the years are celebrities such as singer Billie Eilishwho received during his participation in a television show in Japan An illustration made by the creator of Attack on Titan.

Billie Eilish enters the world of Attack on Titan thanks to this gift from Hajime Isayama

The illustration created by Hajime Isayama himself did not go unnoticed on social mediaas it allows us to see what the Oscar-winning singer would look like if she were a character from Attack on Titan:

As we can see, Isayama drew Eilish with a challenging look which is slightly reminiscent of characters like Jolyne Cujoh from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure or Annie Leonhart herself. In addition, the mangaka decided to include in the illustration Eren, Mikasa, Armin and included in the Colossal Titanone of the main antagonists of this anime and the most iconic shifting titan in the entire franchise.

This is not the only gift the singer received from an important figure in the world of manga and anime. Naoko Takeuchicreator of Sailor Moon, one of the most beloved anime series of the 90s, gave Eilish a special edition of ‘Sailor Moon Raisonné’a book that compiles more than 700 illustrations of the characters from this mahou shoujo.

The fact that Eilish is a fan of a work like Attack on Titan did not surprise several of her most loyal followers, since on more than one occasion The artist paid tribute to some renowned animesThe perfect example of this is his song ‘Chihiro’which is directly inspired by ‘Spirited Away’, one of Studio Ghibli’s great anime films.

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