This was the return of Santiago Giménez to the Estadio Azul (VIDEO)

6, julio 2024 – 21:56

┃ Ruben Beristain

Santi Giménez was the guest of honor at Cruz Azul’s debut / Photo: Ramón Romero

The most outstanding youth player in recent times has returned home. Santiago Gimenez He was Cruz Azul’s guest of honor in its opening match of the Apertura 2024 against Mazatlán and the Ciudad de los Deportes stadium was filled with joy for a few moments due to the return of its prodigal son after two years and 49 goals in Europe.

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While the future of the Feyenoord striker remains unknown, the so-called Bebote fulfilled his duty and was present at the celestial venue. Although He arrived only half an hour before the start of the match between his former team and the gunners. Santi arrived in a van and amidst a slight commotion due to his expected arrival, he was able to enter without any major problems.

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Giménez immediately came down onto the pitch. There He met one of his companions in the Mexican National Team: Jorge Sancheza reinforcement for the team who was unable to play because his transfer from Amsterdam did not arrive on time. Afterwards, the sky-blue players entered the tunnel and members such as Erik Lira, Uriel Antuna, Carlos Rotondi and Rodrigo Huescas welcomed him with a hug.

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After met Victor Velazquezwho gave him a sincere message: “someday you have to come back Santi,” while they took a souvenir photo.

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The local sound also did its part. “A player who fully represents our values and a youth player who is not forgotten. Santiago Giménez is with you” and that was when the stadium, which was half full, exploded. The 23-year-old footballer ran around the field in a lap of honour and the “ole ole Santi, Santi” could be heard while the international player felt supported by his people, who, despite the passage of time, do not forget their youth player.

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