Michael Schumacher’s family subjected to blackmail

Michael Schumacher’s family subjected to blackmail
Michael Schumacher’s family subjected to blackmail
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It’s been more than ten years since Michael Schumacher, legendary driver who was seven times Formula 1 champion, suffered A serious skiing accident in the French Alps which left him with serious after-effects, although his family has always wanted to protect his privacy, so specific details about the legendary German pilot’s health have never been made public.

It was precisely this desire of the family to maintain discretion regarding Schumacher’s condition that the people who blackmailed them tried to exploit, going so far as to ask 15 million euros in exchange for not leaking “files that the family would be interested in not publishing”as reported by the German newspaper BildThree people have been arrested for being part of this plot, and apparently those files contained Photographs by Michael Schumacher after his accident.


This is the skiing accident that left Michael Schumacher in a coma after reigning in Formula 1

Javier de Paz Fernandez

The first to be arrested, on June 19, were a father and a son from the city of Wuppertal, aged 53 and 30 respectively. Both have criminal records and are on probation for another crime; the father, who according to information from the police, Bild is called Yilmaz T., has 19 previous convictions for robbery, assault, threats and fraudand had a job as a bouncer at a nightclub on Lake Constance, in another part of Germany.

The third detainee worked for the family

The case has progressed with new information, which has also been published BildAccording to the newspaper, the German police investigated how these two people could have obtained this private material about Schumacher, and finally found Markus F., a 52-year-old man who was hired by the Schumacher family four years ago as a security expertHe was arrested last Thursday.

As part of the job he had been hired for, one of Markus F.’s tasks was to digitize family picturesformed by Schumacher’s wife Corinna and his children Gina-Maria and Mick. But it seems that the man was deeply in debt, and he came up with this plan to get a large sum of money at the expense of the trust that had been placed in him.

The alleged mastermind of the plot was a man who worked for the Schumacher family

According to the theory of the investigations, Markus F. would have tried to carry out his plan through the aforementioned nightclub bouncer Yilmaz T., To whom he would have promised part of those 15 million euros for his participation as executor of the blackmailHowever, police authorities managed to track down Yilmaz and subsequently established his connection with Markus. Now, the courts will determine the responsibility of the three people and their possible sentences.

Unfortunately, This is not the first time that the Schumacher family has had to endure being blackmailed.A few years ago, another man was convicted after demanding money from Corinna in exchange for not attempting to take the lives of her children.

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