Supreme Court begins process to select new Attorney General: Margarita Cabello will be replaced

Supreme Court begins process to select new Attorney General: Margarita Cabello will be replaced
Supreme Court begins process to select new Attorney General: Margarita Cabello will be replaced
Candidates for the list can register between July 8 and 12 on the Court’s website – credit Colprensa

Through a statement, the Supreme Court of Justice formally began the process for the election of the court’s candidate who will be part of the Senate’s shortlist to elect the new Attorney General of the Nation, replacing the current official Margarita Cabello Blanco, who will be in office until January 15, 2025, respectively.

According to Public Call 02 of 2024 of the high court, candidates to join said list may register between July 8 and 12 of this year, through the Supreme Court of Justice website, where they must complete an online registration form.

“They must attach the documentation in PDF format, certifying compliance with the constitutional and legal requirements, the absence of criminal, disciplinary and fiscal responsibility records and proving that they are not subject to the regime of disqualifications and incompatibilities to hold office,” reads the high court’s statement.

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The Court also indicated that the final list will be published on the corporation’s website, “so that they can be examined by the public, who may send comments during the term of five (5) business days established in the process scheduleto the email address [email protected].”

The Court also stressed that “the Governing Chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice will review the resumes and verify compliance with the constitutional and legal requirements of the registered candidates and will report the relevant information to the Plenary Chamber.”

The High Court is expected to begin deliberations on September 9 to select 10 of the registered candidates who meet all the requirements. Subsequently, Those chosen will be summoned to a public hearing on the 12th of the same month, in which they will be heard by the members of the Plenary Chamber of the Court.“Once the above has been completed, the Plenary Chamber will begin the process of selecting the member of the shortlist,” the high court concludes.

Registration must be done through the Supreme Court’s website – credit Supreme Court of Justice

In accordance with the provisions of the Colombian Political Constitution, The Attorney General of the Nation will be elected by the Senate, for a period of four years, from a shortlist made up of candidates from the President of the Republic, the Supreme Court of Justice and the Council of State..

Among the requirements for being elected to the position, it is necessary to be a practicing citizen, be a lawyer by profession, not have been convicted, except for negligent or political crimes, and have 15 years of certified experience, among others.

With the start of the call for applications by the Supreme Court of Justice, the pulse to occupy one of the entities in charge of monitoring and following up on state regulations is more alive than ever. In fact, some names began to be heard of who would be the candidate on the shortlist by the Council of State.

Carlos Alfonso Negret is one of the names that is likely to be on the shortlist to choose the next attorney general – credit Sergio Acero/Colprensa

Initially, it was said that the former Ombudsman, Carlos Negret, would participate in the final list to choose Margarita Cabello’s replacement. Negret would also seek to be the candidate for the Presidency of the Republic, although his closeness to some sectors of the Green Alliance could complicate his candidacy on that side.

In addition, Another of those who would enter the dispute is the lawyer Gustavo Quinterorecognized for being a defender of congressmen, governors, mayors, councilors and public officials of all kinds, as well as his closeness to officials of the Council of State.

In the deck of candidates to occupy the Attorney General’s Office, Names such as former senator Germán Varón Cotrino are also being considered.who would be on the radar to be the candidate by the Supreme Court of Justice, as well as Former Attorney General of the Nation, Jorge Perdomo, the legal manager of the 2016 peace process, Monica Cifuentes, and the lawyer Hector Carvajalwho are being studied by the Presidency of the Republic.

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