Hamilton takes epic win at Silverstone ahead of Verstappen

Hamilton takes epic win at Silverstone ahead of Verstappen
Hamilton takes epic win at Silverstone ahead of Verstappen

The weather radars did not fail. The always unpredictable British rain in summer brought chaos to the British Grand Prix and in these circumstances we saw those who There are good drivers, but fewer of them and they still lack some experience and determination. In the first group there are Hamilton, Verstappen, Sainz, Hulkenberg… and in the second group there are others like Norris, Piastri, Leclerc…

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It was one of those unforgettable races that had many alternatives and a lot of uncertainty with the rain arriving exactly when the radars announced it. Of course, you had to choose the right moment to enter the pits. There wasn’t much margin either. One or two laps. But you had to get it right and then put in masterful driving to stay fast on a track that was very complicated.

At the start the Mercedes did not fail and there was hardly any change of position. The radios were buzzing with warnings of rain coming soon and it seemed that no one wanted to take any risks. Soon the McLarens began to attack and Norris took the lead until chaos began. The rain came, but not with the force expected. Those who stayed on track with dry tyres took a new advantage. Others like Leclerc or Perez, who had little to lose, made a mistake. They came on too early.

The first pit stops came and the top guys put on intermediate tyres, but the track was not suitable for anything less. In other words, they had to keep their tyres well. Norris maintained his lead, but one of his rivals also had to retire due to a mechanical failure. Russell went from winning in Austria and taking pole position at home to finishing the race early.

Things were getting complicated by the rain and suddenly Hamilton and Verstappen appeared. Both of them went through the pits one lap before Norris. The former put on soft tyres and the latter on hard tyres. Then came Norris’s first mistake.When he went through the pits to change wheels, his mechanics’ position was a few centimetres off. Something that is so well-measured cannot suffer such variations, even if it were just a hand’s breadth. That overtake, caused by the state of the track, cost him a 4.5 second stop, just enough for Lewis Hamilton to overtake him on strategy. In addition, the McLaren driver fitted the same type of tyre. He tried to catch up, but it was impossible. More than anything, because Norris should have focused more on not being caught by Verstappen, who eventually gave him one of those passes that you never forget.

And from there, the Red Bull driver went for Hamilton, but the Briton is a great driver, especially in these circumstances. He held on like a wild boar and won his home Grand Prix. He had not reached the top since Saudi Arabia in 2021. Verstappen masterfully survived a race that went against him and Norris, once again, showed his lack of experience and aggressiveness. Piastri was fourth and Carlos Sainz finished fifth after a good race. Alonso made the most of it and crossed the finish line in eighth place, but behind his teammate Stroll, something that does not seem normal.

Among the experienced drivers, Hulkenberg also stood out for Haas, finishing sixth in a car that is not in a position to reach the points. And on the other side were Leclerc and Perez. Both put on intermediate tyres too early and that was the end of their race. Now, in the case of Ferrari, it is worth asking whether Leclerc’s mistakes are caused by the engineers and by himself.

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