Migrant Connection and the Red Cross rely on WhatsApp to grow

Migrant Connection and the Red Cross rely on WhatsApp to grow
Migrant Connection and the Red Cross rely on WhatsApp to grow

“Channels – WhatsApp – came to solve a tedious task, because with a growing audience, many of the responses given through other channels were manual, which meant time. In just eight months we have managed to optimize this communication channel and be closer to the public we are targeting,” said Patricia Mercado, founder of Conexión Migrante.

Mercado said that a few months ago they tried to install a bot that could respond to automated messages through their Messenger channel; however, people did not want to interact with an automated service and it ended up being a mistake for them. Now it is easier to provide mass communication and above all to know the needs of people who are traveling between countries, mostly from Honduras, Guatemala, Venezuela and Mexico.

“Our audiences are different. One is made up of people who managed to reach the U.S. and need to know what happens after their arrival, while there is another segment of migrants who are crossing through Mexico and who need verified and real information on what they should do and what is happening,” Mercado said.

One advantage they have found in this messaging tool is that 20% of the interactions they have had in recent months have been phone calls, which end up being free or very low cost for migrants. When faced with some news that may appear on migrant forums, Conexión Migrante verifies whether it is real or not and communicates it on its information channels, for which they rely on VerfiicadoMX.

But they are not the only ones. The Red Cross has just over 52,000 followers and is dedicated to providing information about emergencies, but also tips on actions that users can take in the event of an accident or meteorological problem.

“All nonprofit organizations, like other types of entities, have our resources available to reach their audiences on our sites, such as how to create a channel and support them with its verification, or how to set up a community on the platform. And within our blog for companies you will find all the details about WhatsApp Business,” said Paloma Szerman, Public Policy Manager for WhatsApp in Latin America.

For It Gets Better, a nonprofit dedicated to supporting LGBTQ+ youth around the world, their main goal is to show LGBTQ+ youth that things get better with time and that there is a positive future for them.

“The idea is that these stories reach the community so that they don’t feel alone, that they see that there are many more people like them who have gone through similar things. From the beginning, the campaigns were designed to reach people through social networks, which when we started were very new and those of us who grew up with the Internet were just beginning to understand the effects of cyberbullying,” Alex Orué, deputy manager of the Global program, It Gets Better, told Expansión.

Orué says that they first started building a community on platforms like Meta, then conquered other digital spaces like Instagram, and now they are focusing their efforts on WhatsApp.

Although the needs and communication of each organization are different, many users can access the Channels for free and stay informed about the support they can provide to these types of organizations. However, it is ideal for users to go directly to the pages of these NGOs to find out how they can contribute and leave the messaging services free for those who need them.

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