Murderer Gil Pereg, the “Cat Man,” has died

Murderer Gil Pereg, the “Cat Man,” has died
Murderer Gil Pereg, the “Cat Man,” has died

Almost three years after the conviction for the double femicide of his mother and his aunt, the Israeli Nicolás Gilad Gil Pereg (43) He died in a psychiatric hospital in Mendoza.

Gil Pereg had been housed in a jail that operates in the hospital El Sauce, in Guaymallén, Greater Mendoza. He had a cell with permanent custody and medical care.

He was alone in his cell-room when he collapsed. Medical staff performed cardiopulmonary resuscitation but were unable to save him, local media reported.

The public prosecutor’s office will begin an investigation to determine the cause of death. His body has already been transferred to the Medical Examiner’s Office for an autopsy.

Why they called him the “Cat Man”

Pereg did not receive visitors and was isolated from the rest of the inmates, according to what Clarín was able to confirm.

The state of his mental health was the most debated issue in the trial held between August and November 2021 in the capital of Mendoza. The objective was to determine whether he understood the criminality of his actions. A man who behaved “like a cat” And till meowed in full trial.

Nicolas Gil Pereg claimed to be a “cat man” during his first days in prison.

He was sentenced to Life imprisonment for killing his mother and aunt in MendozaThe man convicted of double femicide did not receive visitors, took psychiatric medication and asked that no one approach him or touch his food.

Pereg, during the trial arguments. Courtesy of the Judicial Branch Press Office.

The double femicide of Gil Pereg

On January 11, 2019, Gilad’s mother Pirhya Saroussy (63), who resided in Israel, and her aunt Lily Pereg (54), from Australia, arrived in Mendoza to visit Gilad. The women stayed in a tourist rental apartment in the city center. And they visited Pereg twice at his home, in front of the Guaymallén cemetery, a precarious place, where lived with 37 cats and four dogs.

On January 26, 2019, a blood sample on one of Gil Pereg’s T-shirts matched the victims’ DNA, the .38-caliber weapon with which he executed his aunt was found, and the bodies of the two women were discovered.

After beating, stabbing and strangling them to death, the bodies were covered with earth, stones and cement to conceal the double homicide. They were buried in a back room of the Israeli’s house.

For the jury of 12 citizens, the prosecutors and the defense of the victims, there was no doubt that Gil Pereg was aware of his actions. They were premeditated murders to cover up economic fraud and the large loan of money made to him by his relatives.

On November 3, 2021, the Israeli resident of Mendoza received a life sentence. The jury considered that at the time of committing the femicides of his mother and aunt he understood what he was doing. And it rejected the defense’s claim that Gil Pereg was “crazy.”

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