They want to kill Salvatore Mancuso: the ex-paramilitary’s lawyer denounced that there is a plan to assassinate him

They want to kill Salvatore Mancuso: the ex-paramilitary’s lawyer denounced that there is a plan to assassinate him
They want to kill Salvatore Mancuso: the ex-paramilitary’s lawyer denounced that there is a plan to assassinate him
Despite the decision of the Superior Court of Bogotá, the former paramilitary leader will not be released yet – credit Infobae

On Sunday, July 7, attorney Beatriz Quintero, representative of Salvatore Mancuso—who became the top leader of the defunct United Self-Defense Forces of Colombia (AUC) after the disappearance of Carlos Castaño—reported that she knew of an alleged plan to end the life of the former counterinsurgent, in which officials from the National Penitentiary and Prison Institute (Inpec) would be involved.

“There are rumors, we have been told and we have been made aware – obviously I cannot reveal the sources – that in The Inpec is waiting for a group of hitmen to set up camp outside the penitentiary institute to carry out an attack against the (former) “at the moment he is released,” he denounced in the news broadcast on public television RTVC News.

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The lawyer said that this has been one of the reasons why the prison is trying to prevent Mancuso from being released this week.

“Until the group of people who intend to attempt to take his life is willing, settled and ready to carry out this plan, he will not be released. We are aware of this and that is why this serious complaint is being made. And any situation that may arise against Mancuso is held responsible for the legal representative of Inpec, the police detective Ferney Ortiz, the director of the establishment and all his superiors because that is the delay and we know that Inpec is illegally and arbitrarily delaying his arrest so that the group of hitmen is ready,” he insisted.

The lawyer recalled that the former paramilitary leader is committed to providing compensation to the victims of the disappeared AUC, as well as being a peacemaker and ensuring that the current illegal groups, which originated in that anti-guerilla organization, lay down their weapons.

“Evidently, the role of Mr. Salvatore Mancuso Gómez is to fulfill this implicit designation within this peace process and to help other armed groups to demobilize, to disarm, to return to legality, so that they do so in better conditions perhaps than those of the extinct United Self-Defense Forces of Colombia that he led (…) his main objective is to help recompose this social fabric so that these people who are up in arms return to civilian life,” he added.

Quintero also indicated that Mancuso is obliged to maintain his domicile in the capital of Antioquia because it is one of the requirements that were demanded to grant you that benefit from the court that has that process.

File photo of Salvatore Mancuso at the Congress headquarters. (Credit: EFE/Str )

“He has to comply and live in Medellin because it was one of the conditions agreed upon with the Execution Judge (…) It is one of the areas in which he had no influence when he was part of the AUC. To move or reside in another place he would have to have the approval of the court. (…) for now it is something that requires strict compliance,” he said.

Finally, Mancuso’s attorney stated that if the Inpec continues to prevent Mancuso from leaving, they would have to take action even in international instances, since violations of his rights would be brewing, a situation that has been occurring for three months, which was when the decision to release him was announced.

“It would be impossible and we would have to take whatever legal action is necessary because the right to freedom is clearly violated. The 36 hours that the Inpec has to avoid committing illegal detention would be at stake, something that it is already doing. We would have to ask the president himself for international aid to take action on the matter,” he concluded.

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