the recipe that was passed down from generation to generation


Sarita, her daughters and granddaughters, a pastry tradition in Almirante Brown.

“The recipe I make in the bakery is the classic recipe for Creole pastries, they are not the puff pastries,” said Yésica and continued: “The recipe is from my mother Sarita, I grew up with her in the kitchen and I always made things to sell at home.”


Pastelitos are a traditional food every July 9th.

Yésica, who now has her own bakery at Guatambú 894, said that in the early years her mother would make the pastry dough for her, but eventually she began to take over the task. “I follow in her footsteps and I believe that a good recipe depends on making a good dough,” said the baker, adding: “It has to have the right amount of fat, it has to be tender so that it browns on the outside and is soft on the inside.”

In addition, Yésica said that it is essential to be generous with the filling. “The amount of sweet has to match the dough. If there is one thing I do not skimp on, it is the sweetness of the filling. I think that is what customers like the most,” said the neighbor who assures that there is nothing sadder than cutting a pastry and it has more air than sweet. “Everyone says that they cut the pastry and it has plenty of sweetness. Since it is a simple recipe, those things cannot fail,” she said.

Sweet potato or quince cakes?

The controversy is historic, there are those who choose quince pastries and those who prefer them filled with sweet potato jam. To this dilemma, the baker gave a clear answer, without a doubt. “To the surprise of many, sweet potato pastries sell much more, they win by a landslide. I sell 10 dozen sweet potato pastries per house, 3 dozen quince pastries,” she said and put an end to the discussion, at least in her neighborhood.

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