‘Trains are operating normally’ – El Financiero

‘Trains are operating normally’ – El Financiero
‘Trains are operating normally’ – El Financiero

Following the suspension of service due to technical problems, Line 2 of the Mexico City Metro is now operating normally on Tuesday afternoon, reported Guillermo Calderón, general director of the Metro Collective Transportation System.

“After verifying the correct operation of the track equipment, Metro service is resumed on the Line,” Calderón said on his X account (formerly Twitter) shortly before 3:00 p.m.

Previously, it had been reported that there was a readjustment in a track device, between the Pino Suárez and Zócalo-Tenochtitlán stations, due to a short circuit in the first mentioned station.

The Metro’s official account highlighted that all stations are operating normally and with continuous train movement.

In the absence of services on Line 2, the Ministry of Mobility (Semovi) was offering RTP service. Since the Metro has been reopened, Secretary Andrés Lajous thanked the passenger transport service for helping to transport users.

The CDMX Metro started the day with saturations and complaints from users due to slow progress in at least 3 lines.

One of them is line B, because users report that the trains are already full and there is pushing and shoving between those who want to get on despite there being no space.

Con direction towards Buenavista Delays are reported, leading one user to question: “If it’s not raining, what are they waiting for to move forward,” due to the slow service. Passengers complained that the problems begin at the Ciudad Azteca terminal station, where trains ‘make a base’ and remain stopped at the station, causing delays and also crowding.

Which CDMX Metro lines are saturated this Tuesday?

On Tuesday morning, several Metro lines faced delay problems due to the high influx of people in the early hours of the day, as occurs daily.

“Line 7 slow, for a change,” a person complained on social media. The stations are very busy with a maximum waiting time of five minutes, according to the Metro.

There are also delays on line 8 because users claim that the trains take too long to pass.

“It has already taken a long time on line 8, and“It’s been 10 minutes and nothing has happened in Iztacalco,” said one user.

The CDMX Metro lines that are experiencing high user saturation this Tuesday are lines 3, 9, and B, where the maximum waiting times are up to 6 minutes.

Step by step to recharge your CDMX Metro card

Starting this year the Mexico City Metro said goodbye to tickets, so the only way to access this transport system is through the Integrated Mobility Card.

This can be recharged at ticket offices and vending machines, and another alternative is to use your cell phone to avoid waiting in line.

For this it is necessary to download the app CDMX or Mercado Pago and follow these steps:

  • Enter the application menu.
  • Choose the option Recharge MI Card or in Integrated Mobility.
  • Click on the Refill option.
  • Select the amount you want recharge and click continue.
  • To recharge, you need to bring your card close to the rear camera of your cell phone.
  • Continue to the payment method through a Bank account.
  • Finally, choose the Pay option and wait for the recharge to be confirmed on your mobility card.
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