STCM responds to Luna Bella’s VIRAL VIDEO in the CDMX Metro: “Sensitive content”

STCM responds to Luna Bella’s VIRAL VIDEO in the CDMX Metro: “Sensitive content”
STCM responds to Luna Bella’s VIRAL VIDEO in the CDMX Metro: “Sensitive content”

Written in NEWS he 9/7/2024 · 09:48 hs

Beautiful Moonan influencer known for her controversial actions, became a trend in social networks for filming an explicit video within the Mexico City Metro carsThe action, which involved scenes with two men, has generated strong disapproval among Internet users and caused a Official response from the CDMX Metro Collective Transportation System (STCM).

Luna Bella viral video in the CDMX Metro

The video, which quickly went viral, shows the content creator participating in Explicit activities within the facilities of the CDMX Metro. This is not the first incident of this kind for the influencer, who had previously filmed a similar video in the Monterrey MetroHowever, this time, Luna’s actions have been considered excessive, leading users of the social network X (formerly known as Twitter) to denounce the incident.

CDMX Metro releases statement after Luna Bella video

In response to the complaints, the Official account of the CDMX Metro issued a statement what did he say: “During the current administration, the incidence of crime has decreased by 78%. Users are urged to report any anomalous situation during their trip, in order to avoid misuse of the facilities. Avoid misinformation, as well as the dissemination of sensitive content for profit.”

Despite the STC’s statement, many users expressed their dissatisfaction and criticism towards the Metro administration. Comments such as “Avoid being inept and do what you have to do, take action and deliver results, is that so difficult?”, “Lies, and cases of moral infractions in the last cars of the subway have increased. You guys should get your act together if you don’t like being exposed” and “Go out and defend the indefensible” reflect widespread discontent.

Where has Luna Bella been these years?

Luna Bella is no stranger to controversy. In 2018, she shocked her audience by announcing that she would convert to Christianity, pledging to stay away from excesses and explicit content. However, in 2022, during an interview on Luna Bella’s Youtube podcast, Gusgrirevealed that a proposal from a pastor at one of the churches she attended forced her to renounce Christianity.

“The pastor told me: ‘I’ll pay you a fortune’. That’s when I said: ‘This is pure hypocrisy’”, Luna Bella confessed. She also admitted that the same pastor had confessed to her that, despite his religious position, he watched her videos.

This recent incident on the CDMX Metro adds another layer of controversy to Luna Bella’s already tumultuous career, raising questions about regulation and surveillance in public transportation and the responsibility of content creators on digital platforms.

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