Lamine Yamal lifts stadiums and wins Euro semi-finals

Lamine Yamal lifts stadiums and wins Euro semi-finals
Lamine Yamal lifts stadiums and wins Euro semi-finals

Lamine Yamal continues to make history. This Tuesday, in Munich, he led the triumph of Esdiaper before Francefor the semi-finals of the Euro 2024con a real goal.

Does 16 years and 362 days Born in Esplugas de Llobregat, Barcelona, ​​one of the most promising players in world football. Shortly after, he was ‘blessed’ by Lionel Messi. That viral photo would become, perhaps without realising it, the present, future and more future of Barça.

Of all the ‘heirs’ of the Argentine star in Blaugrana lands, Yamal seems to be the one who is most serious. And after an incredible season at club level, He brought all his talent and charisma to the Spanish national team, which is looking forward to winning its fourth European Championship (1964, 2008 and 2012). With six wins in their bag, an unprecedented record in the tournament, they are now just one match away from their opponent in the final being either England or the Netherlands.

He had three assists in the first five games, in which he had been key for Luis de la Fuente’s team, forming together with Nico Williams an electrifying tandem in the Spanish attack. Croatia, Italy, Albania, Georgia, Germany and France, the victims.

And Munich saw new records broken. Not only did he surpass Pele as the youngest player to play in a European Championship or World Cup semi-final, almost 70 years after the Brazilian legend did so in Sweden in 1958, but he also became the youngest player to play in a World Cup semi-final. the youngest goalscorer in the history of the continental competitionleaving behind the Colombian-Swiss Johan Vonlanthen. At that time, Cristiano Ronaldo held the record, but 20 years later Yamal surpassed it, by several years.

They didn’t even have to pass it to Yamal to capture the ball, shake off his marker with a twist of the waist and unleash a shot from 25 meters from the goal and at 102 kilometers per hour that went into the upper right corner of goalkeeper Mike Maignan.

With that crack play, the boy, who came to the Eurocup with the concern of passing his exams and obtaining the ESO certificate, a goal that he achieved a couple of weeks ago, turned the game around. Four minutes later, Dani Olmo completed the comeback and put the icing on the cake. Or the cherry on the cake.

Although he didn’t have much influence on the rest of the match, Yamal has those qualities of a different player that make you can’t get rid of him. De la Fuente seemed to learn from the mistake of being substituted early against Germany (he took him off in the 63rd minute, Spain lost control of the match, the home team tied the game in the 89th minute and La Furia ended up getting a last-minute win in the 119th minute, at the end of extra time) and left him on the pitch until the 94th minute.

Because in a start, when he seems to be disconnected from the game, Yamal gets you up in the air. Literally and figuratively. He receives the ball on the right, hooks it towards the middle, as a certain Barça legend did a couple of times, and unleashes a tremendous shot that almost makes it 3-1. Immediately afterwards, as if he were any age other than 16, he raises his arms and stirs up the Spaniards present at the Allianz Arena in Munich.

All this is Lamine Yamal, the 16-year-old boy who guides Spain and is going for its second Euro title.

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